Many acquire in formations, ideas, skills, values, ways

Many students in the world receive instruction in an English language other than their first language. Some have emigrated from their home country to another with a different language. An increasing number find it necessary or desirable to go to an overseas institution for secondary or tertiary education (Altbach, 1989).

Often students studying in their home countries, especially African developing countries and former British colonies are taught in an English language other than their native language (Gallagher, 1989). In Somaliland In terms of colony, people use English as a medium of instruction in secondary and tertiary education and the government re-established this system when Somaliland announced that restored its independence in May 1991. Teaching methods is seen to be an instrument that can be used by a nation to develop and equip students to achieve rapid economic, social and cultural development. This is the reason that the Somaliland government has an education policy which includes improvement of teachers in order to be equipped in different teaching methods because generally teaching methods are the ways of learning and that can help students to acquire in formations, ideas, skills, values, ways of thinking and means of expressing themselves and The most effective teaching methods which includes Somaliland Education policy are Lecture, discussion, individual presentation, role play, case study, seminar or workshop, translation and Assignment methods(MOE, 1996).Situation Analysis of Somaliland National Development Plan in 2012-2016

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