Love of being ill was giving and receiving

Love is easily one of the most important themes of the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Morrie says that the only way he feels alive in his condition of being ill was giving and receiving love from others. we see that Morrie receives love, be it physical contact or even or even in conversation.

Morrie would always say ‘love each other or die’, at a point in the book he tells Mitch that, ‘love wins and love will always win’. Morrie wants to show love to others because of his whole childhood where he did not receive love from his father, but from the love he received from his step mother Eva. This led him to vow to show love to his family members and others.

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We see that the family members stuck by him until his end. He then teaches Mitch about this because Mitch had begun to lose the ability to love. He is taught that he should love.

Mitch believes that Morrie is his like a father he never had and he now learns to devote more time to his wife and others other than focusing on work. Morrie recites a quote by his favourite poet, to teach one of his most important lessons to Mitch, ‘in the absence of love, there is a void that can be filled only by loving human relationships’. Morrie continues to says that a person can experience no higher sense of fulfilment. Morrie also went along and said that love is the biggest part of every person, and every relationship, and that to live without it is to live with nothing. we can also see that the importance of love in Morrie’s life is shown when he is near his death, for without the care of those he loves, and who love him he would have failed. Morrie holds on to life not because he is afraid of dying but because his greatest dying wish is for his story to be shared to the world.

Morrie held on t life just long enough to make sure his story is heard by others. He left Mitch to do that and to spread the message of love that brings meaning to experience and without it he may as well be dead.


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