Location: Damascus is located in Syria (In the Middle East which is in parts of Europe).
Size: The area of Damascus is 105km².
Population: There are 1,569,394 people living in Damascus in 2018.
Language: The official language spoken in Damascus is Arabic.
Religion: The main religions practised in Damascus is Islam (and also Christianity and Judaism).
Main industries: Mining, oil, gas, manufacturing, tourism, financial services and education.
Level of education: The levels of education in Damascus are basic education (Grades 1-9) and secondary education (Grades 10-12). Basic education is divided into two cycles; the first cycle is four years, and the second cycle is five years. There are 20 private and 7 public universities, and 201 technical and 6 public institutions. More than 90% basic and secondary schools are public. Around 5000 schools were destroyed in war, therefore could not be used.