Leadership and management theory Harjeet kaur 114202187 Seneca college Whom I admire the most in my life as a Leader Ms

Leadership and management theory
Harjeet kaur
Seneca college

Whom I admire the most in my life as a Leader
Ms. Radha saini, is the person I selected as the leader most admire and one who continues to inspire me to continue to grow professionally. She was my college professor and taught me during my graduation time. I did bachelors of science in nursing from back home India and it was 4 years of course. My professor did Msc. Nursing in NURSING RESEARCH. She is presently become full time WHO consultant at Geneva. My leader was a visionary, healer, reformer and good practitioner. She was also honored as ‘chief guest’ at so many places in India gave her a sense of proud and accomplishment and for me also because I admire her the most to influence in my career in nursing. Her wording when she elected as a Chief Guest by ICMR ( Indian Council of Medical Research) ,’ but my ethics go in congruence with the common adage of sir Robert Frost ” the words are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to before I sleep”. Ever since she joined WHO, she wrote 2 OPED PAGE articles in the biggest and most prestigious newspaper of india ” The Tribune” – 137 years old newspaper. It’s a Herculean effort to get published in the OPED PAGE of this newspaper as it is only reserved for the commissioned authors. Moreover. Both the articles are dedicated to the true deities of Medical and Nursing profession ie. Dr onike Rodrigues- vice chancellor in Sierra leone and Brahmkumari rupa upadhaye- who is giving selfless and free service to the humanity from past 25 years. So, her achievements in nursing profession influenced in my career of nursing and it influenced in many ways as I would like to discuss it in upcoming paragraphs.
My professor, Ms. Radha saini, far reaching visionary concepts of nurses contribution to healthcare, leadership and she was like transformational leader for me who propel me and my class during graduation to focus on modern health care to become a talented in nursing field. Her achievements are outstanding for me. As I discussed in introduction that she is WHO consultant at Geneva and was my Nursing Research teacher. Her contributions to Nursing Theory, research, statistics, public health and health care are invaluable and inspirational. She demonstrated the characteristics of leadership such as mission conscious, goal oriented and commitment her ability to establish Nursing as professional practice. She influenced me in my career in various ways. Firstly, she always motivated the whole class about nursing profession by giving examples of Florence nightingale. Secondly, her achievements towards various nursing researches in clinical area and her latest article on international Nurses day was “No safety protocols for nurses” posted on May 12, 2018. Moreover, other article posted on World Health Day was “challenges of health coverage in India”. These two are her latest articles in Nursing research to improve practical nursing skills in clinical area. When I started my nursing course, I was like having no interest in this course. During the second year, a seminar was announced to groups in my class. My group coordinator was this teacher. She motivated and helped me in preparing my topic- infection prevention and in this topic focus was giving on hand-washing. So, my group had to prepare all six steps practically. She taught me all six steps in a creative manner and then I with my group members presented it on the day of seminar and got first position. From that day, I gave all credit to my professor who helped me and create interest to practice nursing skills in actual life.
Moreover, I was impressed by her achievements as she also did Phd (Nursing), having 7 years of experience as a lecturer and as a clinical instructor, and paper presentations and publication in 2011, 2014 & 2015. In addition to this, she also did research projects and organized workshops in various years and topics were like “standards in nursing education- Implications for practice”. She discussed this organized workshop in my class and in this way also influenced all students in class to do best practice in clinical as well as theoretical areas of nursing. It has been my experience that nursing is like transformational experience, it shaped us as much as our values and philosophies shape our practice. So, my professor who was true visionary according to my experience with her and who was also transformed into leader by her courage, advocacy and in doing advancement in nursing practical skills. So, she is one type of transformational leader who changed her leadership style according to the need of situation. Whenever she taught us and organized various class groups for seminars as organized in the college on specials days related to health such as world health day, for that she was democratic leader for the groups made for participation in seminars. As democratic leadership includes distribution of responsibility, empowering group members and helping in making group decisions. So, my leader behave like in a same manner with students to be prepared us for seminars or any group work projects during the nursing course.
In the end, I just would like to say that according to my experience with my professor as a leader in my nursing profession, I learned lot of new ideas to inspire others also in their career of nursing. Her ability to inspire all students even her staff at job place to follow the path of best nursing skills is one type of goal of the leader to achieve a targeted goal or success.
The Professional Standards practice standard provides an overall framework for nursing practice, and links with the College’s other practice standards, guidelines and competencies. (professional standards an overview, 2006). Every leader must follow CNO (College of Nurses of Ontario) standards to build up nursing practical skills. In my opinion, my leader also followed these standards like be accountable to her work, share her knowledge with everyone who need help and apply her knowledgeable skills in practical area and I would like discuss how she was responsible to her duties.

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