JOINT maneuver, protection, and sustainment. Level one

JOINT FUNCTIONThesis: Commanders delegate decisions to subordinates wherever possible, which minimizes detailed control and empowers subordinates’ initiative to make decisions based on the commander’s guidance rather than constant communicationsBody: Months after the 9/11 attacks on the United States, Special Operation forces along with Army, Navy and Marines were deployed to Afghanistan to fight foreign Al Qaeda forces that had been training under the protection of the Taliban government. This was the establishment of the joint functions during Operation Anaconda.

These Joint Functions enabled military operations through decentralized execution based on mission-type orders. The functions are common to joint operations at all levels of warfare which fall into six basic groups: command and control, intelligence, fires, movement and maneuver, protection, and sustainment. Level one heading 1: Joint Function Level one heading 2: Initial phase of Enduring FreedomDuring the initial phase of Enduring Freedom, CENTCOM maintain its headquarters at MacDill AFB in Florida do to political issues.

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By the middle of September, CENTCOM’s Naval Component had its headquarters in Bahrain, and CENTCOM’s Air Force component had a forward deployed headquarters at Prince Sultan Airbase in Saudi Arabia led by Combined Force Air Component Commander (CFACC) so as Enduring Freedom developed, these two components already had the infrastructure to play their roles in accordance with Joint Doctrine. During this time the Special Operation Forces component, had not made it into the Area of Responsibility of CENTCOM. Level one heading 3: CENTCOMs alignment of forces under Combined Joint Task Force Mountain In January 2002, the Combined Forces Land Component Commander (CFLCC) under the direction of CENTCOM, reported that the largest concentration of al Qaeda and Taliban forces in Afghanistan appeared to be in the area between the towns of Shahi Kot Valley, southeastern Afghanistan. As planning grew for an emanate attack on the enemy, they realized a task force would be to big. With multiple nations involved in the fight against terror, CENTCOM form Combined Joint Task Force Mountain, under the direction of 10th Mountain Division Commander.

The task force functions consisted of 1400 ground forces from the U.S. and 10 coalition countries including Afghanistan.Level one heading 4: Task Force execution original plans for Operation AnacondaThe original execution plan for Operation Anaconda involved lessLevel one heading 5: Conclusion


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