Jennie educator. The space of the classroom

Jennie was observed four times, within three days, which sums up around six hours.

She was seen in a classroom assigned for 5-year-olds alongside 15 other children, staffed by a full-time educator, and a part-time educator. The space of the classroom was rather confined. For outdoor observation, she was observed during their sports activities at the multipurpose hall that is around the school compound. Physical Development:• Gross Motor – o Strengths: Most of Jennie’s gross motor skills abilities were observed outdoor when they had their sports activity. It can be seen that she was able to lift her left leg up while using her right leg to balance. She extended both of her arms to stay balanced. This demonstrates that her gross motor skills are enhancing and she will be able to participate and enjoy activities that involve sport, self-regulation and concentration.

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She was likewise able to hop over an obstacle by using both of her foot together. She would be able to do activities that encourage her to test her muscle strength and abilities. She could climb the rock climbing with teacher’s assistance. She was able to display upper and lower body strength to pull and push her up and possess hand-foot-eye coordination. She could also skip by using the hula hoop. She will be able to participate in activities that involve large muscle groups such as legs and torso.

It likewise helps her to develop eye-hand-body coordination. As an overall, Jennie was able to demonstrate specific gross motor skills.o Area of Improvement: She is progressing well for her gross motor skills.

She will be able to enhance more on her well-developed skills.• Fine Motor – o Strengths: The majority of Jennie’s fine motor skills were observed in her classroom. During observation, she was found to be able to grasp the pencil appropriately using her right hand while drawing the geometric shapes, a person with the body and could even write words neatly.

Her finger muscles are strong enough that it gives her small finger muscles some dexterity. She is able to work on her eye-hand coordination, accuracy, and visual perceptual abilities for functional tasks like manipulating with small items. As in general, Jennie was able to demonstrate specific fine motor skills.

o Area of Improvement: It can be seen that she was unable to button and unbutton the button at the back of her dress as despite everything she needs somebody to help her out.Intellectual Development:• Language/Communication – o Strengths: Jennie has displayed good language development and especially of knowledge and understanding. Despite the fact that she was reluctant to speak in front of her peers at first, however she was able to recall a part of a story after her teacher incited her with questions. She will be able to enhance more on her memory by storing it and recall when being asked. Amid the observation, it could be seen that she was able to speak sentences of more than five words and tells longer stories. As she is able to grasp words, it would be easier for her to convey herself better.

She is also able to use the future tense. For example, when she stated, “Tomorrow my Papa is going to bring me to swimming”. She will be able to understand the difference between things that she has done, is doing and will do. As an overall, Jennie was able to exhibit specific language/communication skills.


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