It is important to identify when children

It is important to identify when children or young people may require urgent medical attention. It is important to recognize which circumstances require urgent attention, some of these may be when:• A child is choking• have suffered suspected fractures/broken bones• severe bleeding • head injures/ disorientation • losing consciousness• Seizures It is important that when an accident occurs that you remain calm at all times and children may become upset/distressed when an accident has happened in front of them therefore it’s up to you to keep them calm as well. During an accident it’s vital that you call for urgent help whether you are a first aider or not, and ensure that you gather correct information regarding the accident when contacting 999 and informing them on the incident. Asthma is most common conditions to have, it affects the airways of the lung, causing symptoms such as coughing and wheezing. most children will know what to do and will carry their inhaler will them at all times, but during an asthma attack where the inhaler is not helping it’s important to seek urgent medical assistance. If a child with epilepsy has a seizure it’s important to always call the first aider and keep them safe from harm. Urgent medical help must be required if:• a child is having more than one seizures• has never before been diagnosed with epilepsy If a child gets a serious allergic reaction can be life threatening and will need immediate care, if they have an anaphylactic shock this can cause breathing difficulties and may suffer swelling in areas such as the throat.

Children with anaphylaxis have general triggers with food such as nuts and eggs. Children with sickle cell disease can cause severe pain for children and medical attention must be sought for immediately.

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