It take upon themselves not to wash or

It can be incredibly hard to balance an individual’s right and our duty of care as conflicts and dilemma’s will arise. If an individual wants to take upon themselves not to wash or eat, then its their choice we can’t stop them from those decisions.

But, this conflicts with our duty of care towards the individual, because we need them be stay happy and healthy. We can’t force them to do anything because it’s classified as abuse. In order to manage these risks, you must ensure that you are keeping clear, accurate records of the individual’s decision and make a good effort to try an encourage the individual to make healthy decisions without making the individual feel pressured. You should always report your findings to senior members of staff, and when necessary get the individuals family involved to see if they have any ideas on how to resolve the conflict.

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A risk assessment may also need to be put in place to help manage the risks involved, depending on the circumstance, to help to resolve the conflict or dilemma.


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