INTRODUCTION In today’s market where customers have a lot of options to purchase

In today’s market where customers have a lot of options to purchase, advertisement is the key to every businesses. Customers demand many varieties of products and services to be offered. Given this fact, it gives a challenging part to every companies and businesses to have an effective advertising. In this generation, millennial people purchase products with good advertisements. “Millennials have been described as the ultimate consumers, accounting for approximately 30 percent of the population and spending an estimated $200 billion annually. They have money and are willing to spend it. While this power in and of itself is not that different from past generations, what is different is that millennials believe they can help change the world for the better through their spending habits.” (Christie Barakat, 2014) It stated that millenials have the willingness to purchase products and willing to spend money. Millenials also demand for innovative products with benefits. So with that, companies and businesses should come up with a good and effective advertising strategy that will satisfy its customers.
Nowadays, quartet media is more applicable and accessible in the business world to promote and advertise products and services. Quartet media is an essential tool used by the businesses. Quartet media is a promoting method that helps to persuade the consumers in their purchasing decision. It can also be used for showcasing promotional content which communicated in various forms, television advertisement, radio advertisement, newspaper advertisement and internet advertisement.
Television Advertisement nowadays is still being used by the businesses and companies. It contains images that attract people’s attention. Television can be considered as the effective way in demonstrating product’s benefits and features. It helps viewers to know or identify thr needs or desires for a product and let them know an available solution. So it is very important for the customers to know and have the assurance to the quality of the product. Commercial advertisements are used to advertise products in a creative way. It uses artist and well known people to attract its audience and trust its brand. Commercial advertisement depends on the current trends and it can persuade the audience to be interested. Radio advertisement is a well-known media for up-to-the minute advertising messages to local audiences. It has been one of the fastest growing media alternatives. It gives advantage to the people who don’t have enough time to watch or read advertisement, but instead listening to the radio will give the same benefit. Because of its convenience, listening to radio doesn’t give you any pressure of time.
Newspaper Advertisement is also a medium of quartet. The book of Principle of Marketing, states that newspaper advertising has an advantages that includes flexibility, advertising can contrast from one locality to the next. It also allows intensive coverage of ads. Consumers or readers can keep the printed advertisement while television and radio advertising cannot. The good quality ads made possible by new high technologies. “The printed newspaper is a powerful showcase for news, opinion and advertising.”- Jill Ambrason. It tells that newspaper is a powerful tool to advertise for it is updated daily, so the viewers will always grab one and read it. The newspapers are also considered as reliable source of information.
Internet Advertisement nowadays is applicable because of the innovated technologies that made it easier to access with its information to be offered. In this generation, people are used of surfing the internet. With that, advertisement are also scattered in the internet so many people are being aware of the products being market. It uses social medias like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other websites that business are using for advertising and promoting products. Businesses can be creative in many ways using the internet. Some of the businesses are using instagram and facebook to post trending products that the consumers can possibly purchase. And Twitter is being used to post advertising quotations of businesses that can pick the attention of every consumer and become interested with the product being offered.
In this generation, millennials has the ability to purchase products even it will cost them a lot of money to spend. What matters the most is how the product is being advertised. These ways brings the idea to the businesses on how they can improve their advertisement and what media to use in applying its advertisements. The result of this study aims to know and understand the different types of Quartet Medias and which gives a huge impact to the market and helps the consumers to decide in purchasing the products.