Within an organization, employees play a very significant role on whether the organization reaches it desired goals and objectives. It is thus imperative that the management of the employees is taken seriously and that there are procedures and strategies to make sure that the organizations objectives are able to be met by the current and future employees.

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According to Fallon & McConnell (2014) the human resource department is responsible for the conduction of the organizational systems aimed for being able to successfully manage employees by guiding them to reaching the organizations goals and objectives at more than an optimal level. This department focuses is on development of the employees from recruiting, induction and basically getting employees to acquainted with what the organization is about. It strives to develop a personal relationship that could make an employee more comfortable to work at a specific place within the organization.

According to Boxall et al,( 2007:3) Strategic Human Resource Management focuses on the organizational strategies of which are in the human resource department being fully adopted by the organization as a whole . ‘Strategy’ is used to compare something which could be executed through long-term planning within a managerial context. Therefore, we can define SHRM closely to a set either of managerial decisions that are long term, or of activities and system-like operations that play a huge role in determining an organizations possible-long term performance which initials it progresses in terms of it competitive advantage. Rogers, (2012) agrees to this notion, stating that SHRM is a continuous activity requiring consistence adjustments and revision. SHRM is considered as a process which needs to be dealt with carefully, and if so could in the long-term produce great results. It strives to fundamentally aim at generating strategic capabilities which in the long-term ensures that the organization has ab adequate amount of skilled, committed and well-motivated employees by using the contemporary perspectives, influencing the actions of the workforce.

Although both Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Resource Management as meaning the same thing by this organization, it can be proven otherwise. In this essay the similarities and differences between Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Resource Management will be distinguished going in depth of the relationship between the two concepts. Lastly the argument of whether HRM and SHRM are considered to be the same or different within a contemporary context shall be presented.
Differences and Similarities between Human Resource Management and Strategic Human Management:

It said that one of the most necessary conditions for effective functioning of the HR department within an organization is the development of organizational conditions being adequate or more than (Stacho Zdenko, Urbancová Hana, Stachová Katarína ; 2013). Human resources are the key for keeping the organization in market competitively, hence why Armstrong (2009) stated that human resource management is a task where its attention is focused and drawn to employees and also plays a part in participating with other spheres of management. The employees can either make or break an organization, that is why we find that both human resource management and strategic human resources management is set out to develop and maintain a workforce that is qualified and contributes to the organization in terms of its set targets and goals. The role of both concepts is to achieve company effectiveness, high performance and high productivity. The variables and capacities which the managerial systematic activities are conducted are what distinguishes the differences of both the concepts.

According to Kacha?áková (et al., 2012) within an organization, the department of HRM significantly influences the workforce on if they can fulfil the two key tasks which are; 1- successfully securing the desired quantity of employees that are professional, qualified in the organization. 2- employee behavior should be in coordination with the organization strategic goals.
We can conclude that human resource managements role is to help the organization be efficient and constantly increasing its performance, especially more during a time of crisis, as that also helps give the organization the competitive advantage of being able to persevere in tough times.

In basic terminology SHRM can be described as the fundamental nature of a business strategy and strategy is considered a far more intuitive, evolutionary and reactive process. Understanding of the strategic position of an organization is a more broad explanation of strategic management (Johnson et al (2005:6).

Views on HRM and SHRM being the same:

As previously stated from the above both SHRM and HRM are crucial parts to an organization, but as much as they can be perceived to be the same within the functioning of the organization, Academics have found them to be quite different but at the same time interrelated. Human resource management as described by Boxall and Purcell (2010:29)is ‘an inevitable process that accompanies the growth of organizations’, covering activities such as human capital management, knowledge management, workforce planning, recruitment and selection, and so forth. Therefor it can be said that it is more concerned on the human capital aspect and managing it at the most effective manner possible to meet the organizational goals and objectives (Greenwood M.(2013), Armstrong(2011)). Therefore, after considering the above statement we can conclude that HRM focus is in fact concerned on assisting the organization to be efficient, constantly increasing its performance.

Strategic human resource management focuses more on the organization as a whole, paying much more needed attention to the HR strategies that are considered adopted by the organizations units (Boxall et al,2007:3).
Its approach is targeting at managing the human capital by the means of integrated HR strategies, policies and practices. SHRM focuses more on organizational performance and on the other hand HRM focuses more on the individual performance (Becker and Huselid (2006: 899). So According to the organizations belief that the two concepts are considered the same I would not agree to that statement.

Human Resource Management within the organization:

Organizational performance is getting more important as of recently because of increasing competition( According Dessler (2013) SHRM was developed as a result cause by a sudden rise in the importance of an organizations’ competitive advantage.

There are four important contemporary perspective in which have influenced on how HRM is viewed in this century, but I will only look at two of them with regards to my case study of the organization of Apple Inc. (Dessler, G.2013).
The key people who work for Apple are the qualified candidates that have been specifically chosen from the primary objective of the company which aims to attract and continue to be able to retain them in the future (Rees ; Smith, 2017).

High performance management supports that the achievement of the organizations objectives are executed by the means of having a high-performance workforce. Becker et al (2001:13) further explains this concept as a system created to have more of the overall quantity of the employees throughout the organization. In a way this perspective can be further explained as an organizations investment in the skills and abilities of employees’ and perhaps providing incentives to motivate them (Thompson and Heron, 2005: 1029-30).
Investing more on human capital is what Apple Inc. sees as an integrate part for its competitiveness (Storey,2014). Apple Inc. chooses to capitalize on the human capital by minimizing it possible financial risks cause by wanting larger investment returns.

Resource based view places an emphasis on the management and organization of internal resources, focusing on the strategic analysis on employee skills and abilities (Dessler, G. (2013)). This specific strategy also put focus on ‘competitive advantage through the integration of HR strategy with business strategy’ (Dessler, G. (2013)).
Apple gives credit to it employees for the success they have and also applauds its human resource strategy, stating that it is the primary reason for its continued growth (Grant, 2016)


The aim of this essay was to question whether the concept of HRM and SHRM could be considered as one. As mention on the above texts though these terms have some similarities, there is a recognition of some factors which place differences between the two but both SHRM and HRM set out to achieve similar results. In conclusion these two concepts cannot be regarded as the same but as interrelated. Human resources management sees its employees as being the organizations biggest driving force behind its success, needing to be directed in the right direction to fulfill the organizations goals and objective. The strategic human resource management on the hand is considered as the organizations’ managerial tool which came about as a result of the realization the organizations” have become highly competitive.

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