Introduction:The cases being reported. The Marburg virus belongs

Introduction:The Marburg Virus is a type of viral hemorrhagic fever in humans that is severe and can cause death. Viral hemorrhagic fevers are illnesses that affect the body’s ability to clot.

T Marburg causes a plethora of severe and eventually deadly symptoms. The virus is rare, having only a handful of cases being reported. The Marburg virus belongs to same family of viruses as Ebola, it is a Filoviridae. Marburg uses RNA as as its genetic material and is carried by animals.

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When it was discovered:In 1967, the first recorded incident of Marburg occurred. Outbreaks happened at the same time in Marburg, which is how the virus got its name, and in Frankfurt, Germany. There was also an outbreak in Belgrade, Serbia. These outbreaks affected 31 people and 7 died.

The first people to be affected were laboratory workers that came into contact with African green monkeys, which were being used to study polio vaccines, that had the virus. The discovery of the Marburg led to the creation of the Filoviridae family .


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