Introduction:Electricity the distribution lines through cords. One of

Introduction:Electricity energy needs to be transported to the distribution lines through cords.

One of the major issue in power transmission is the losses occurs during transmission and distribution process of electrical power due to the energy dissipation in the conductor and equipment used for transmission. As the demand increase day by day, the power generation and power loss are also increased. In addition, the cost of making electricity is harmful to the environment. Therefore, reducing transmission loss is very crucial because the saved power can be used as an alternative to minimize the cost. Despite power loss during the transmission process is inevitable, some alternatives can be interpreted to mitigate this problem.

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In order to minimize power losses in the power distribution network, wireless power transmission has been known for centuries to clean sources of electricity. charging with wireless power transfer is a novel approach. However, the concept of wireless power transfer even for charging batteries is not a new idea. It has been invented by researchers but not widely implemented yet. Wireless power transmission is revolutionizing the mode of electricity transmission to enable the reliable and efficient wireless charging of millions of everyday electronic devices with integrating a power source to an electrical load without the aid of wires. Such a transmission is used in cases where interconnecting wires are hazardous or inconvenient. In the early period different scientist proved different approaches to transfer power without physical connection between the source and appliance.

Each type of wireless power transfer has its own characteristics and applications. To make this idea for familiarize for the new researchers we reviewed the background histories, recent technologies and future advances. charging of gadgets is one of the new technologies emerging in the world right now. The most commonly used method is to transmit wireless power by inductive coupling. Transmission of wireless power is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to recharge, as it eliminates the use of traditional copper cables and current carrier wires.

In this writing project, methodology and operating principle have been developed to transmit wireless energy through Inductive coupling, the model is designed as possible accordingly. It is used for pairing inductive technology because it is the easiest way to transfer wireless energy in the current time of high efficiency and a large amount of energy transferred. In the report sheet, the results of the tests performed to verify the wireless work will be displayed.

In addition to demonstrating their versatility and range of applications, the transferred power will be used to charge the battery with the help of additional circuits. We will also study the effect of placing barriers between sender and receiver in order to determine whether it is an alternative in the medical industry to impose fees on pacemakers and so forth. This research focuses on the study of the transfer of radio energy for the purpose of transmitting energy at maximum efficiency in a small range or in the near field. Survey:In 2006, researchAt the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which later formed an emerging company, WiTricity was able to demonstrate its ability to transmit electricity at a distance of two meters using the MRI method. Although 60 percent of the energy lost during this initial transfer, their experiences attracted investors such as Toyota and robotics companies.

Today, WiTricity continues to make long-distance wireless charging possible. Thus, the MRI method remains common.Wireless charging techniques: The main techniques for wireless charging are magnetic induction conductivity, MRI and microwave radiation. The magnetic resonance and magnetic induction (MRI) instrument is used in the second field where the electromagnetic field is located on the area adjacent to the sending object and the current is reduced very short according to the distance and alternatively Microwave radiation is at a distance at a greater distance in contrast to the proximity techniques, the absorption of radiation reduces the load on the transmitter. The magnetic induction is based on magnetic induction that delivers electrical energy between two files. The figure shows the reference form.

Magnetic induction occurs when an initial file of the power transmitter generates a variable magnetic generator Inductive coupling: Inductive coupling depends on the induction of the magnetic field, which delivers electrical energy between two files. Figure 5a shows the reference model. Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) occurs when a primary file of power The transmitter generates a variable magnetic field mostly through the secondary file of the future energy within the sphere, generally less than the wavelength. Near magnetic field. The force then instills the voltage / current across the secondary file for the future of energy within the sphere. This voltage can be used to charge a wireless device or storage system. The operating frequency of inductive coupling is usually in kilohertz range.

The secondary file must be adjusted at the operating frequency to enhance the charging efficiency The design of the quality factor is usually in small values Although the transmission is limited, the effective charging power can be very high for example, the standard of the electric vehicle recharging Advantages include the inductive magnetic coupling Easy operation, convenient operation, high efficiency at close range and safety guarantee. Therefore, they are applicable and popular for portable devices. Recently, MIT scientists announced the invention as a new wireless charging technology, called MagMIMO, which can charge a wireless device from the top to 30 cm away. It is reported that MagMIMO can detect and cast energy towards the phone, even when the phone is placed inside the pocket.In 2006, researchhers at MIT, who later formed a startup, WiTricity, were able to prove that they could transfer electricity at a distance of two meters using the magnetic resonance method. Though 60 percent of the power was lost during this initial transfer, their experiments enticed investors like Toyota and robotics companies. Today, WiTricity is still working to make long-distance wireless charging possible.

Thus, the magnetic resonance method remains popularWireless charging receiverMaurice Kessler, chief technology officer at NPR’s Waitresseti last year, said he envisioned a future where wireless charging was everywhere. “You drive your electric car to a garage, where there are wireless charging pads on the floor, you open the door to the house and throw your mobile phone at the kitchen table, where the wireless charging technology is built on the desk.https://cdn.

com&oh=6b080a3ccc00a09a177bfec68534b187&oe=5BE313A2&dl=1&fbclid=IwAR0HQJzAHQr9eWX2oJQ60YWQXCwmt52DqYvT_p2aLOgw49–jbqk01Dd3E0Methodology: The interference of electricity into the circuit of the transmitter is a coil that transforms the electricity into an electromagnetic field and the receiver circuit is composed of another coil at a certain distance to receive the electromagnetic field. There are three factors that must be determined by the distance between 2 coil1-The number of the reception circuit rolls should be greater than the transmitter circuit2-The wire must be of the same type in order to be more efficient3-The diameter of the two ears should be equalThe receiving circuit will receive the electromagnetic field and then convert it into electricity. The IC then performs a purification process until the output voltage reaches the appropriate voltageBlock diagram: Schedules:Description Activity Items Search about the information needed for transmitter circuit and receiver circuit. Search about transmitter and receiver circuit. 1Search about the number of coil rolls and information about it Search about coil 2Design the circuit on any simulation program such as multisim or proteus to make sure that the circuit is working Simulation of the circuit 3Go to the store to buy the circuit components Buy the component 4Test the components of the circuit to make sure it works Test component 5Test the components of the circuit to make sure it works Install the component 6Perform a test of the circuit to make sure that it is given the desired output Test the circuit 7Reinstall the circuit in case the circuit is not working Re-install the component 8Re – test the circuit if there is a burn in any component of the circuit Re-test the circuit 9 Time line:Duration (Days) Dependence Activity Items20 ——– Search about transmitter and receiver circuit. A10 A Search about coil B20 A,B Simulation of the circuit C15 C Buy the component D25 D Test component E20 E Install the component F10 F Test the circuit G20 G Re-install the component H15 H Re-test the circuit ITotal duration 152 daysTasks Duration (days) Dependence Allocated time (days) 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125 130 135 140 145 150 155A 20 —- B 10 A C 20 A, B D 15 C E 25 D F 20 E G 10 F H 20 G I 15 H Gantt chart:Flow chart: Ethical approval:The project assessor approved the research because I do not have a literary theft and this project will benefit society and has no negative impact on the environment.

Resources:?Human resources:1-Supervisors lapWe need the lab supervisor to open the plant and receive the tools we want to use.2-Handmade coil specialistWe need someone with experience and specialization in winding coil.3-AssesorAssessor we resort to if there is any problem or if we need to know information about anything?Physical resources 1-ComponentThe components are the main source to know that Deira is working or not by installing components together to work on the desired output 2-WordThe Microsoft word program is used to write any information related to the research project and to create a table for the time of the research project3-InternetWe need the Internet to search for all the information you need about the research project such as electrical circuit, price, etc.4-Power point A power point is used to present the research project to the supervisor and includes all information and data5-Simulator programDesign the circuit on any simulation program such as multisim or proteus to make sure that the circuit is working Possible resource of funding- Schneider- Elsewedy- El Nekhely TechnologyBudget: Fig1: Transmitter circuitResource Number Cost(L.

E) Total cost(L.E) ReferencePolarized capacitor 1 2.00L.E 2.


COM/Capacitor 5 1.00 L.E 5.



COM/Resistor 5 1.00 L.E 5.00L.E HTTP://WWW.







EFig2: Receiver circuitRESOURCE Number Cost(L.E) Total cost(L.E) REFERENCELED 2 1.00L.E 2.



00L.E 1.00L.E HTTP://WWW.

ELGAMMALELECTRONICS.COM/polarized capacitor 3 2.00L.E 6.00L.E HTTP://WWW.


E 5.00L.E HTTP://WWW.ELGAMMALELECTRONICS.COM/Bridge Rectifier 1 7.00L.

E 7.00L.E HTTP://WWW.

ELGAMMALELECTRONICS.COM/MC34063 (Buck/ Boost Regulator IC) 1 4.00L.E 4.


COM/Welding tool 1 40L.E 40L.E HTTP://WWW.

ELGAMMALELECTRONICS.COM/Welding tool carrying 1 40L.E 40L.E HTTP://WWW.

ELGAMMALELECTRONICS.COM/Budget until we find our fund if we searched for (for papers and acceptance) 1 200L.E 200L.

E TOTAL:319L.ETotal cost of component:585.5 L. E


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