Instructor experiences, she refers to public schools as

Instructor Course Date Tricia Smith Vaughans Not Homeschooling Whats Your Excuse a Critical Response Not Homeschooling Whats Your Excuse is Tricia Smith Vaughans article in which argues that homeschooling is a better option for education compared to government schools. In this piece, Vaughan presents pieces of evidence from different sources, for instance, journalist John Taylor Gattos report, in which he argues that public schools were established to dumb down children in order to make them happy for being a cog in a planned economy (p. 2). Moreover, government schools in the United States were intentional created to dull the potential of children and not about educating them. Their big agenda is to create happy workforces as well as taxpayers and nobody could stand out to condemn the status quo (p. 2).

On the contrary, the author also shares her experiences to ascertain her claims. She flashes back to her days in a public school. Because of bad experiences, she refers to public schools as the prison since she had no freedom.

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In that regard, Vaughn insists that homeschooling is the only alternative for kids and so, government schooling must be avoided. Parents often use excuses that they not clever enough to teach their kids. They believe that their children are taught both academics and socialism. However, the author opposes this belief using John Gattos facts that government schools are not teaching your kids Judeo-Christian values they will teach them how to survive in a group (p. 5) Public schooling in the US is meant to dumb children down. She closes her argument that all public schools are big cash cows who are only interested in the money they receive from taxpayers as well as grants and not childrens education.

Critically thinking, the article raises a controversial question that is homeschooling really better than government schooling Be it as it may, both sides have benefits and shortcomings. Homeschooling offer face to face attention to kids and with that they dont struggle for their teachers attention like in public schools. In most occasions, government schooling is used as a propaganda altering the students ways of thinking while homeschooling offers the opportunities for parents or guardians to teach their kids the values of true self-determination as well as individuality. Significantly, kids need to be tested for their principles other than knowledge, something that is not common in government schooling. Homeschooling as good as the author may put it based on her personal experiences and other peoples testimonies, it is not for every student.

For obvious reasons, some students learn well in groups, a condition in which they can learn social skills that may help promote their academic potentials. Just because something is good for some children doesnt mean that it is also beneficial to others. In other words, each child or student has his or her unique style that is much definite to their personalities. Some children require one-on-one interaction with their teachers to enable them to perfectly comprehend academics to improve their abilities, while others prefer learning in groups because they share ideas through group discussions and classroom interactions. Therefore, critically, it all depends on the kids which system of learning or schooling is best for them. It is crucial for parents to learn how their kids are being tested for morals besides knowledge. Vaughan contends that public schooling is secular, hence, no Christian values, however, what of private or public Christian schooling There are several other options to ensure proper education.

It is an undisputable fact that different schools educate different morals/values based on the arrangement of the education, and after close analysis of their childrens learning behaviour, they should choose the best system that fits their kids behaviours instead of listening to propaganda. its about one-on-one attention, private schooling is the best alternative because of their smaller classroom sizes that allows for direct interaction with teachers. Public schools offer better education compared to private schooling as well as homeschooling especially for students who willingly ready to learn. Convincingly, sometimes homeschooled kids or those receiving private schooling may take their learning for granted based on the opportunities they have that their counterparts in public schools have no access to. In private schools, students are taught Christian morals and ethics as well as academics.

In public government schools, they are taught social survival values as well as how to be the best. Socialism is a fundamental concept in a childs growth and development, however, it is determined by the manner in which they are educated on the ethics of socialization at a younger age. It is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that, the author has a strongly biased opinion towards government schooling. She employs her own childhood experience as a pretext to convince others that homeschooling is the best for every single kid.

Well, what the author fails to clarify is that all government schools are not the same and they are all over the US. For this reason, I totally disagree with the author because education depends on where a child lives and what the state administration is doing to improve the quality of education. Whatever the values children are learning, it doesnt matter whether they attend private, public or homeschooling since they are skills and morals they need to function socially. Mode of learning is different for every individual because what is important is their styles and abilities in learning. A kid may be trained on the necessary values as well as skills they require to socialize in the world via any kind of education. Furthermore, it is not a big issue that government schools cannot educate kids on Christian values because such values can as well be taught outside schools, for instance, in church during Sunday schools. Public schools are different across the country and it simply depends on the region where they have situated as well as the ability to offer quality education to students.

Without being compromised or influenced, children must discover on their own and decide on which system can successfully favor them. It may be homeschooling or government schooling, it doesnt matter as long as they can perfectly learn and survive. Education is not all about where your school or which system of learning adopted, but the services provided and the ability of a kid to learn. Some kids especially with rich backgrounds attend some of the best schools in the world but still perform averagely like any other kid in ordinary school. Therefore, I disagree with the authors influenced perception of government schooling. The most important thing is their childrens learning behaviour.

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