Injury/illness statistics from reputable sources for the industry

Injury/illness statistics from reputable sources for the industry, sector or disease/accident, if applicable – again, provides context for your topic
According to United States department of labor, 146 people were died – some burned to death; others leaped to their deaths from 100 feet up and some of them were trapped under heavy machines as they struggled with doors that were locked by the managers to prevent thefts.

According to author Leon Stein, William Greider (February 15th, 2001). “The Triangle Fire”. ILR Press 1985. On March 25, 1911, 146 employees of the garment factory were killed in the extent of few minutes because of lack of health and safety measures performed in the factory.

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According to author David von Drehle (august 2006). “Uncovering the history of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”. Smithsonian Magazine- surprised watching the factory building still standing after 79 years the curiosity of the author raised and lots of questions were build in his mind so he proposed to write