In this report I will try to

In this report I will try to make a short summary of Hr Proffesion Map, the two core professional areas, the specialist areas, the band and the behaviours and I will also try to describe all parts of it and how they are actually related to each other and to precise how to deal with the daily problems, how to understand the clients and customers needs and how to provide efficient services and support. This professional map is an universal platform for HR professionals, describing what you really need to do, to know and how to practice it. The CIPD Profession Map Please follow below the composition of this professional map:? 2 core? 10 professional areas? 8 behaviours? 4 bands and transitionsBasically these professional areas allow us to think about our daily practice and is guiding us to the four bands and transmissions and also to all behaviors that we need to follow in our practiceThe first core Insights, Strategy and Solutions means developing solutions and understanding of an organization. ? Insights – the understanding of how the company works, collecting data and improvement. ? Strategy – developing ideas which may help you to expand the company and identifying its needs.? Solutions- solving the company, clients and customers problems at any level. Leading HR – Act as a professional, to expand the influence HR makes to the organisation both through its own efforts and through supporting, developing and measuring others across the organisation.

I understand all activities , behaviours and engagement of successful HR practitioner on any level.As we can see, the map also contains eight behaviours which are:? Curious? Decisive thinker skilled influencer? Courage to challenge? Driven to deliver? Collaborative personally credible? Role model During the time, in my profession, I found the most essential activities and knowledge:? Resource and talent planning. This activity is one of the most important as it is very essential for the company to grow. For this to happen we all need to deliver accurate service to our clients and customers. People with many qualities will stay longer in the company, they can increase their knowledge and might have positive impact in organisation’s growth.

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To achieve that, talent planning needs to take place.? Employee engagement- being an employee of the company I always tend to pay attention to all changes which ocurres in our business. We are also engaging our customers into all kind of discussions regarding their work and any other changes which may affect them. Communication is playing an very important role in our business, basically this is the key. If our customers feel free to speak with us, to share their opinions and concerns and that will be taken into consideration then automatically they will be more productive. I have one year and a half experience in recruitment and I would like to describe in a few words some of my recruitment consultant activities. Basically, my role consists of constant contact with all our clients, temporary workers, managers and supervisors on sites we supply.

My workplace requires to attract as many customers as possible and then matching them to temporary or permanent positions with our client companies. My position is also demanding to visit our clients, helping us to create and mantain a good relationship with our clients , booking appointments; managing interviews and tests; reviewing the applications; informing the candidates about their duties, responsabilities, pay rate and anything related to work; sorting out an induction day; facing with deadlines for processing timesheets; sending reports and fire registers back to our clients. Working in a public office, it involves a lot of attention to everybody who visits us every day and we need to pay attention from all sides. To make my job easier I am starting to prioritise my tasks, in this way I can deliver my services accurately.

If I am in a situation where I have to deal with three activities at the same time, for example one of our clients rings up to request 5 extra staff to be deliverd as soon as possible, a different client ask me to send a report ASAP and there is an employee walking into the office requesting his holidays for the following week, I will prioritise all these needs in below order: 1.Helping our employee to fill his holiday request2.Finding extra stuff for our client3.Sending the report I find more efficient to deal with the quickest duties first, in this way I can save enough time to face the other tasks that require more time to sort them out.

By going through these examples I have pointed out three different communication methods. To deliver our services in the best efficient way we need to make sure that all the requests are managed effective according to the urgency and how important might be for the candidate and also for the companyFace to face communicationAdvantages: ? Supports the collaboration and innovation, helping to share ideas freely.? We can benefit from clients and customers attention 100%, and the message is guaranteed to be listened without being distorted. All misunderstandings and all doubts can be clarified.

? It is helping us to build trust in relationships and collaborations and we can get an instant feed-back . Disadvantages:? This method of communication might not be suitable for everyone, there are people who might have a bad temper or they can be poor communicators.? Face to face communication is reducing the possibility to set a proper rapport with a large group of people.? Risk of harassment, verbal and physical abuse.Communication over the phoneAdvantages:? Phone calls can add a personal touch to our communication and also can develop an important sense of loyalty in our clients and employees.? Allowing us to communicate with our clients and employees and solving their issues over any distance.

? It is efficient for urgent situations when we have to change the plans quickly and other methods of communications may require more time.Disadvantages:? Communication through the phone can be less personal and can generate misunderstanding.? Phone calls can interrupt employees work as they need to accept them. When they are answering the phone they have to stop from their tasks and this fact can decrease the company productivity. The employees can also miss the deadlines or stay extra hours to finish their activities on time.? There are situations when the other person may speak too fast and you may not remember all the information.

Communication via emailAdvantages:? Any document sent via email can be very easy to store. ? All the emails are recorded, in this way no information can be altered or distorted.? The messages can’t be misinterpreted.

Disadvantages:? Sending emails can take time to communicate with the clients.? This method of communication is not confidential.? Communication via email can’t give us instant feedback.At my workplace , from all these methods I prefer face to face communication as it’s easier for me to assist the customers giving them all the answers they need and sorting out their requests or problems.

It is also very important to use the email at work as it is quick and stored and I can open it any time is neccessary. If there is any urgent message like changing the deadlines then I rather use the telephone to save more time and to get a straight answer.Effective service delivey:? Delivering service on time – it is very important to be well organised and to manage the time efficientl? Delivering service on budget – to achieve this good organisation skills are required. Company will report losses if there is no order in paperwork, people with no adequate skills and competence are responsible for tasks which are above their knowledge. It is part of HR department duty to monitor level skills in the company and if there is such a need, deliver training to improve efficiency of employees.

? Dealing with complaints and difficult customers. It is our duty to identify solutions and to solve our customers and clients problems. For this to happen an employee needs to have good communications skills, to act professional, to remain calm and to be a problem solver.If we want to become successful in HR field we must understand the importance of HR Profession Map.

Using it helps us to develop good skills and knowledge and can lead us to our progress in career. Bassicaly these are the first steps in our career. As a student at CIPD I must demonstrate the core competencies of this map which are the Insights, Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR.


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