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In the current world, deficient web laws and regulations has permitted inconsequential restrictions for setting up new internet business and hence makes it significantly less demanding for any new organization to enter the e-commerce market. In any case, going up against a gigantic internet business, i.e Alibaba/Ebay/Amazon, on a similar level of brand acknowledgment and on an expansive economy of scale, any new set up would require a considerable measure of promoting/ marketing spending plan. Through the years of building the foundation, Alibaba has developed into a huge online business, that is categorized by low barrier to entry. The gigantic e-commerce business has managed to grow an extensive distribution channels that new entrants are impossible to replica this global network.

E-commerce generically grown rapidly on its branding and uncompromised service, has attract large group of loyal clienteles…. security in payment…..Therefore, this will thoroughly eliminate the possibility of any new threat emerging.

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