In recent years

In recent years, closed-circuit television plays a vital role publically, and has become a lot of necessary in crime investigation. During this state of affairs, investigators wish to find and track the person in vicinity lined by multiple cameras. Here, manual browsing is time overwhelming and is not economical for the crime investigation. To unravel this downside, person re-identification that is matching persons across totally different camera views, attracts a lot of and a lot of analysis interests.
In video surveillance system, a sequence of video frames is obtained from their source mainly from closed circuit television (CCTV) and processing of these frames help to extract relevant information. Surveillance in public places is mainly for monitoring various locations and people in that locations and observing their behaviors. Nowadays, events like terrorist attacks have occurred more frequently in different public places. So, there is a growing need for video network systems to guarantee the safety of people in those areas.
In addition, intelligent surveillance has proven to be a useful tool for detecting and preventing potentially violent situations in public transport such as airports, train stations or even inside trains and air planes. The growth of computational capabilities in intelligent systems provided more opportunities in video surveillance system. This includes segmentation, object detection, tracking, classification etc. Person re-identification is one of the most important topic in this area.