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In Ivanilton Polato et. al. (2014), performed a literature review for the con-tribution of Hadoop ecosystem by the use of industry and research community.It was mentioned that, more than 1500 research papers were published in thefield of Hadoop ecosystem components and its uses for big data analytics dueto its high performance, scalable scheduling algorithms, fault-tolerant parallelprocessing13.In Hongsong Chen and Zhongchuan Fu (2015), proposed a wirelesshealth care system based on a Hadoop ecosystem to continuously monitor andmaintain human health information using Sunspot wireless sensors with se-cure manner. For secure wireless communication, Elliptic Curve Cryptography(ECC) based key transmission and digital signature was used. In this system,the Hadoop act as a backbone for storing the Sunspot nodes health information.

The Hadoop Sqoop was used to do an import/export operation between MySqldatabase and HDFS. The performance of Hadoop clusters was measured usingGanglia. The simulation result shown that wireless health care system can beimplemented effectively using Hadop ecosystem components6.In Yin Zhang et. al.

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(2015), proposed a cyber-physical system calledHealth-CPS, for efficiently store, manage and analyze the big health care databy doctors and patients with the help of big data and cloud technologies. Thissystem shown that many enhancements are available for increasing the performance of different kind of smart health care service and application data12.In M. Mazhar Rathore et. al. (2016), developed a system called Inter-net of Things (IoT) based Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) to collect thehuman body health information about the person of a country.

The objectiveof this system was to attach various digital sensors to the human body to col-lect various health information. For this purpose, overall 2 GB of UCI datasetscalled heart rate data, diabetes, Indian Liver Patient Dataset (ILPD), ICU andactivities of WISDM lab were collected and evaluated using a Hadoop ecosystemcomponent using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The evaluation process resulted in fulfillingthe various important decision making purpose of the nation or city3.

In Hadeal Abdulaziz Al Hamid (2017), developed a fog comput-ing based secure patient health care data management system.

By this system,the patient’s health care data like MRI reports, CT scans and Electronic Med-ical Record (EMR) can be accessed in a highly secure manner with the help oftri-party one round authenticated key agreement protocol based on combinedbilinear pairing cryptography and decoy technique11.


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