In how fast food is unhealthy for you

In high school, I used to study about how to count calories, the list of vitamins your body need, what kind of food should we eat and including the portion and I also learned about digestive systems. However, my speech for today is slightly different to what I have learn before.People often talk about how fast food is unhealthy for you which is true but try to think about it. Have you ever wondered about the advantages of fast food instead? It must have some benefits.

If not, why would they create fast food in the first place? Fast food chain restaurant is growing rapidly all over the world. Be it McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Burger King and many more. There has been a few discussion but yes. Subway is also a fast food restaurant despite having a lot of vegetables to choose from.

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Greetings to everyone, my lecturer and my fellow classmates. Today, in this speech, I am going to talk about the advantages of fast food. Fast food saves money, saves time and there are healthier options.

Now that we know the topic, let me share the first advantage which is fast food saves money. According to Stein (2017), “The low cost of a fast food meal compared to a meal at a sit-down restaurant can help you stay within your budget.” Even with the allowances provided by MARA, as a student, we need to learn on how to manage our money well. Managing money well should be a needed skill in every student. Fast food is also fulfilling and you do not have to spend too much money on it.

For example, you could order a foot long in Subway, ask them to halve it and you will have two sandwiches at a lower price. Easy right? That could save you a lot of cash. Next, I am going to talk about my second point which is fast food saves time.

In the website allaboutmanners (2014), it stated that “Fast food is, well, fast. There is very low waiting period.” A lot of fast food restaurants offers the options of drive-thru that made life so much easier. After a long day at work, especially working mothers, one does not have the time to spend on grocery list, grocery shopping and getting meals ready before the husband comes home and whatnot. Therefore, a quick drive-thru has always been an easy option. Furthermore, not only it saves money and time, they also have healthier options despite the mind-set that we have for fast food. My third main point is, there are healthier options.

Yes. Despite being labelled as junk food, Kylstra (2015) however disagrees. “The key here is moderation, with ideally some benefits if possible.” Due to the increase demand of healthier options in fast food chains, Subway, McDonald’s and many more took this into consideration by giving the options of ale-carte meal in McDonald’s and whole grain bread in Subway. By controlling your meal portion and to eat in moderation, healthy eating is possible even in a fast food restaurant.

With the ale carte option, first you could control your portion and second, it cost less than a set meal. To wrap things up, let us start with the conclusion. Allow me to restate the three main points which are fast food saves money, saves time and there are healthier options.

In conclusion, we are students who are dealing with financial and time management issues. Fast food is our life saver whenever hunger hits. Fast food restaurant is widely available, and they also run on a 24 hour system. Be it studying or burning the midnight oil, fast food will always be there. Warm and hearty meal.


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