In public transportation system at metropolitan level

In contrast, this research has attempted to integrate the principle factors affect achieving efficient public transportation system at metropolitan level in easily applied steps and using simplified data. The method not only combines the previously mentioned factors, but also it considers the users transport experience and trips in the city in a more humanitarian way, rather than considering public transportation a scientific problem that needs mathematical functions to be solved no matter if the solution goes with the users needs or not. This research attempts to create a model for public transportation system that combines urban parameters (land use, population density, attractions and street network hierarchy) with accessibility measurements and connectivity estimations, to identify the priority routes in transportation network.

The result is a novel methodology that reflects the attractiveness weight of the attractions in city, with considering the existing land use and population density. It gives a clear image of the current situation in Amman, and identifies areas where Public Transportation System is highly needed, and areas where bus feeder system is required to support and feed the main transportation system. The results of the methodology represent the primary and the key step for designing public transportation system.

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