In a city riddled with violence and despair

In a city riddled with violence and despair sometimes we find that nothing would compare,there may be times that cannot be repaired. Within this world, morality and right Is something that comes after, only after fright. Sometimes the dark cold abyss is warmer than this unpleasant city And the violence and despair fill the rest of the world with pity.In a city full of depravity and disorganization We are left with nothing but discrimination.

Down the rabbit hole, our will to fight has vanished The want to stand up and fight has been banished. Whatever happened to the flower power? Has it become something only for the zeroth hour?What has this city come to? Is the need for change something that has come to askew? The want for evolution or advancement? Close off the pain and open to the grandeur.Why hold on to hardship and the cold, When all we need to find is a rhythm and to get bold. The city is full of hate and violence, do not forget,and to the outside world, our city forever looks upset.The time will come when we won’t need to worry, For in the end we only see things as they truly are, blurry.You find happiness in your life if you would Just overlook all the bad in the world, and focus on the good.

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Be the best you can be, That’s the only way for the world to better, trust mePut this city out of your mind, let it aggrieveAnd remember, even the goal of world peace can be achieved.


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