I’m own meaning as it could cause misunderstandings

I’m sure we have all experienced misunderstandings, whether it was not clearly hearing something that was said or making assumptions about someone when you don’t really know anything about them.

We’ve all been there. We’ve struggled with explaining something in words, so we’ve said something else, we’ve all thought we heard someone say something that they did not, and we’ve all fallen victim to someone else’s twisted interpretation of what we’ve said.Many of our arguments could begin with a misunderstanding. It’s probably right to say that nearly 90% of our relationship problems with people are the result of misunderstandings. All communication has two parts: a sender and a receiver, and somewhere in-between here is where it all goes wrong. The person telling the story (the sender) may completely twist what they are supposed to be saying or they could have accidentally said the wrong thing and this could cause the misunderstanding between the sender and receiver.

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To avoid a misunderstanding, it’s simple. It just consists of active listening and this means to understand what the person is saying and if you don’t understand, don’t twist their words to your own meaning as it could cause misunderstandings which eventually lead to arguments. This is because what you may have heard what was not true and its bad to spread lies. Overall, in our modern society, everything is taken very literal so its necessary to be oblivious as to what you say as it could be offensive or hurtful to others.


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