I most important part of this debate is,

I never thought that anything could compare to the tragedy of the holocaust, during the entire holocaust 11 million lives were lost.

While researching abortion I realised that in a four-year period starting from 2010, 55.7 million babies were aborted worldwide. This is a frightening statistic and terribly sad for all our defenceless humans. I will be focusing on why we should make abortion illegal.

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The first and most important part of this debate is, when does life begin? I believe life begins at contraception when the zygote is formed. The pro-choice movement believes it is just a clump of cells. The use of these terms dehumanizes the unborn baby making it easier to justify the mistreatment. The zygote is a genetic composition completely different to and from its parents. Development occurs both in the womb and out. There is support required from the mom but at no point does an embryo change from something other than a human into a human.

It has always been a human.Just because someone is smaller than me does not make their live less valuable than mine. If someone is dependent on someone else to stay alive, that does no change their value, dignity or worth.

When, if ever, is it the right time to terminate a pregnancy? These are some of the moral dilemmas that people face when dealing with the issue of abortion. There are many different views on the issue of abortion.Rape, as a reason to abort, is just an attempt to justify the action. Why does the circumstances of how the child is conceived have anything to do with their value? Are some children more valuable than others? There are other options once the baby is born, to ease the mother’s pain like giving the baby up to a family that cannot fall pregnant or place the baby into an orphanage.Many people think that if you’re against abortion that you don’t believe that women should have right to choose what happens to their body.

I support woman’s rights and women having a choice as long as we don’t murder anyone.Isn’t it paradoxical that, if a pregnant lady is taking drugs or drinking people are so quick to criticize and show anger and outrage towards her, yet when it comes to abortion people simply claim ”her body, her choice” The main reason that women have abortions is for convenience sake, abortion is murder, does that mean that if someone is an inconvenience to me, say for my next two years of school, that I can have them murdered or is it different because unborn babies are defenceless? Seems to me like our society is living on double standards when it comes to an unborn babies right to life.I


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