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I learned a lot of things through new student Orientation, overall, I think that it was a great way to meet new people and make the change from high school to college a little bit easier than usual. At new student orientation I learned a lot of things.

Some of the things I learned were where things are, if somethings wrong, depending on what it is, I learned where I need to go to fix the problem. While going through orientation I was nervous like a lot of people were, but some things did excite me, seeing how people interacted and how teachers seemed to want to help us and made sure we knew that if we needed help with anything that they would be there to help us whenever we needed them, are two of the most important to me because I don’t want to be on a campus full of people I don’t like, I want to make friends and enjoy college when I can and Brescia seems like an environment that offers this, and the teachers being willing to help students whenever necessary is a big deal to me because sometimes I struggle and don’t get things right off the bat and need them to be explained to me multiple times. With all that being said I do have a few questions about college, while going through orientation class scheduling was mentioned but no one ever went to crazy amounts of detail so my question is how do I register for my classes does my BU 101 Teacher help me figure out what I need to take to pursue my degree or is that all up to me, I’ve never had full control over my classes so it’s kind of scary to think about. During orientation there were also a couple things I would suggest changing, One being move in day, I think that move in day should be all day, let the students settle in and get things situated don’t rush them to get every thing in their room so that they can get to the first even of orientation on time, The second is the length of orientation, By the third day everyone was over the meetings and icebreakers and everything else we had to do, so think to keep students more involved in orientation it should be maybe one and a half or two days instead of three. The last thing I would change, is the way the service project worked. I think that the service project is an amazing addition to orientation because it kick starts new students involvement into the community of Owensboro, but in my opinion students should be able to choose where they want to go for their service project or at least put in a request to go to another place, now I know this cause a problem in students not going to certain places, so what you could do to stop that from happening is put a limit on how many people can to a certain place and make it first come first serve, so if a student doesn’t get to go where they want to help, its their own fault not anyone else’s. Over all I think new student orientation is a very good resource for new students to learn about Brescia and meet new people before the school year kicks off.

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In high school I would say I developed some pretty good time management skills, because I worked a part time job, played baseball, and got all my school work done. I wasn’t the busiest, but when baseball season came around I was packed with things to do, but I always got my work done early so that I didn’t have to work on it later. Most of the time to stay on track I put every do date that I know on a written calendar and I also put the most important dates into my phone so that it will send me reminders for when I need to study or have something to turn in. In my first two weeks of college I have realized that its nothing like high school I’ve already found myself putting things off because I know I’m going to have time to do them later. The time management activity allowed me to realize this and try and keep myself from procrastinating some of my work. Managing my time correlates to corelates to my short-term and long-term goals because I must stay on track to be able to achieve what I want to and if I don’t I won’t make the time frame that I set my goals to be met by. To check my progress, I will re-evaluate where I am at the beginning of ever semester for short-term goals and at the beginning of every school year for long-term goals, and hopefully that will allow me to stay on track and accomplish what I need to get done.

So far as a college student the most challenging aspect has been overcoming boredom and having work to do and things to study. In high school I never had to do anything extra to pass my classes I easily got A’s in all my classes, so it’s been difficult to try and teach myself and transition into having to study and do work outside of class. Another challenging aspect is staying on task in class, I have found myself dozing off or thinking about other things during a lecture and missing a lot of what the professor has been talking about. Some of the resources available to me as student is that most of my classes upload the power points and everything they talk about, to Moodle so we can use them outside of class.

We also have the library and tutors that are available to help us with whatever we need. I have not used the library or the tutors yet but I have used the power points that have been uploaded to Moodle to help me study for a test or make up for notes I didn’t take in class.


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