I well how do you describe some

I don’t own anything but my OC.The rangers that the OC will use are all rangers. Like Orion in super mega-force his silver mega force will be the base suit and from there turn to the other rangers. I wont describe all the ranger suits as..

well how do you describe some of them and its just better in the long run ya know not to spend too much time describing the suits. Might have some super sentai ‘thinking’Chapter 1: Arrival of a Ranger (Bellwood)Being a superhero is hard, sometimes dangerous with some adventure along the way, plus always danger. But Talon Eclipse, a light skinned black haired, silver eyed 18-year-old was having none of it. Just sat in the park waiting for something to do.Earth has changed in recent years, like 7 years ago when Talon got his powers during the Vilgax invasion of earth, he hit the planet hard killing the Power Rangers that were alive, and so a new hero had to be made that hero was Talon, you see with rangers dead Zordon had thought what if there was one ranger to who had access to the powers of the previous teams and so he searched the earth and found the right kind person in Talon, who he gave access to the all the ranger powers.

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And so from there he saved his home of Angel grove using his. He eventually was sought after by the plumbers and giving him and offer to be a fully trained plumber operative, Talon could not turn down the chance so he went to Plumber academy and graduated 2 years later and since then has fought a multitude of enemies, Malware and Zeltrax for example. Also in that time the Galvan smartest race in the 5 galaxy’s had decided to share armour, weapons everything to combat threats Knox, Ben 10 and their friends as they realised they cant count on them for everything so.”Come on there has to be something going on.

..anything universe if you are listening.” He said looking around for something to do.Upon his hope there was..

.nothing.”The first time I truly want something bad to happen.

” Talon moaned “Well I guess bordem is vacation to most hero’s….”This was when his phone started to ring in the sound of the Mighty Morphin communicators and checked to see who was calling him right now, to see it was his partner in crime fighting Ben.

He picked him up. “Sup Benny boy?””Quick question but where are you!” Ben shouted, “There are Forever Knights swarming all over Bellwood Tech trying to steal some alien tech or something. I’ve been told by Rook and Kevin that it could be some real heavy duty things or even Plumber tech.”This defiantly caught his attention Bad guys+alien tech=oh uh.”I’m on my way now.” Talon reassured, excitement digging into him.

So he hung up, put away his phone summoned a morpher a that looked futuristic one that had a red button on it and a lever opening the mouth. Using the lever and the pressing the red button he shouted “QUANTUM POWER!”Then Talon in a flash of golden light was changed, in his spot was a figure wearing a red and black suit made from an unknown material. The helmet was black with a red upside down wide triangle with four edges, with a metallic mouth guard with lips located at the lower half of the helmet.

On the chest was the same triangle but with only two ridges, on the forearms blackguards, and on the belt as a silver buckle like a pyramid with gold and blue orb on it. “Quantum Ranger!” Talon cried out in his new suit.Quantum ranger used his time powers to increase his own speed and sped to Bellwood Tech.After 5 or so minutes of running, had arrived at his destination. He looked into one of several parking lots seeing several armed men in the traditional Forever Knight armour, all trying and failing to move a large, wooden crate into a trailer.”A crate this big, maybe Ben was right that it was stolen tech.” the teen hero decided it was the right time to attack.

He jumped on top of a car, taking out his quantum defender and fired taking out two men on either side of the crate, making it hit the ground hard.This caused the rest to be aware of his location and prepared their weapons ranging from energy maces, shields and swords to, ‘so they have salvage some tech hmm’ He simply smirked under the helmet and his body started to glow golden and the Quantum ranger stood there in his mega battle armour blaster’s equipped.The Ranger jumped to the ground and the heaviness of his new armour caused the ground to shake, this resulted in many men to flinch at the sight of him.”Looks like I’m just in time to stop you!” Ranger exclaimed.

And so the remaining knights charged him. One swung his blade, only for the ranger to shoot him in the centre of his chest rendering the idiot unconscious fairly easy.Two more knights tried to to do what the first one did but one was shot sending him flying, directly in to the other on his left, making both enter sleepy land.”Please just stop.” Quantum moaned. “This is just poor, even for guys! You haven’t gotten this sloppy in 3 years have you?”The remaining four were idiots.

.as they charged him as well, much to Talon inner disappointment at how easy this was. All he had to do was fire his shoulder cannons, the blast sent them flying in the buildings wall, now all of them was defeated, very very easily at that. The Quantum Ranger stood arms folded over his chest wondering how these guys have become so disorganised and simple to beat.

He was sorta disappointed as he would expect better from these guys. “It would be bad if they get a hold of any tech, it would be even worse if they cant use their, own tech right.” Talon pondered.He then pressed a button on his morpher, opening his communicator and spoke into it.”Hey Ben””Talon? Is that you?” asked Ben”Its me,” the dino/time-ranger confirmed.

“Just calling to let you know the Knights are down and whatever they were i-” whatever he was going to say next was interrupted by a loud beeping.Looking over where the beeping was coming from and saw the top of the crate came off and saw that the beeping was coming from the tech which was…A Shaw-Fujikawa Trans-light Engine connected to a 10 second timer, ‘oh shit!’ “Ben gtg got to take a trans-light engine to space as its about to boom!” Talon said picking up the engine and activating the jet pack flying to get it a safe distance. (The shoulder canons pointing down his back and jet boosters on feet firing)’LET ME I CAN GET THERE IN A FEW SECONDS!’ Ben shouted not wanting his friend to get hurt.”WE HAVEN’T GOT THE TIME!” answered Talon increasing his speed going even faster. “I think you forgot Ben that it wont kill me simply transport me through space so I wont be dead just missing you will be able to find me!” Talon proclaimed as he breached orbit ‘F-f-fine you better live you hear me or else all of us will find you and kill you’ Ben said his voice slipping with a sad tone.Talon looked at the time seeing it say 3 seconds, coming to a stand still now knowing civilians are safe with the bomb in orbit.3″You to bro, you too.

” 2″I’ll see you soon Ben.”1 BWWWOOOOMMMMThe vortex from the trans-light rupture absorbed Talon in immediately, and soon after the vortex destabilized itself, leaving no evidence of any explosion there.————————————————————————————————————–Magnolia, Entrance of the Fairy Tail Guild Hall-A Group of people were walking towards a tall, large building. The sign up front shown the words ‘Fairy Tail’ accompanied by a symbol of a fairy figure with a tail.

A member of the group was laughing loudly. He had pink spiky hair and wore a sleeveless black jacket with gold trims, with white knee length pants and sandals along with a scaled white scarf.”HA HA! We have another quest done!” the teen said cheerfully. Another one of the group, who had spiky dark blue hair and wore a white and blue waist coat, had a look of anger.”Yeah, but because of someone kept destroying everything!” The blue haired guy shouted.

“What as that ice cube?!””You heard me pinkie!”The two banged heads, again and again. Another member, a blond haired girl wearing a blue and white vest, a blue skirt and black knee high boots tried to stop the two but just couldn’t.”Please stop guys we are almost there.” the girl called Lucy tried to stop them.”Natsu, Gray stop.

” The other member of the group said.The boys froze and hugged each other changing from rivals to bff’s faster than you could blink.”We are the best of friends!” they sqwaked in horror as they looked at the last member. She had scarlet red hair, wore a chest plate with a gold cross on it, on top of a fairy tail symbol, along with a blue skirt and black knee high boots. This is Erza Scarlet.

Soon after the boy’s stopped, Natsu saw a glimpse of something the sky. “Hey quick question but what is that?” Natsu said pointing to it.Everyone looked up, their eyes widening at the sight of a massive vortex opening high in the sky, but what made them shocked the most was a red figure coming from it well more like shot from it.Erza narrowed her eyes looking at the figure.

“I don’t know whatever that is, but it going to go through orbit pretty fast.” she said “Going by its trachtory hit’s going to hit….into the guild hall!” Erza shouted.”WHAT!?” the rest yelled.

————————————————————————————————————–30 seconds beforehand- With said object, a certain ranger was in a problem.Where the hell is he?! He was in distorted space trying to find a way out they find himself in a blue skyNow he would be normally trying to find out where he is but anywhere is better than distorted space, so this makes him come upon his condition.Falling fast through the air at super speeds, who knows what high!’I’m gonna need to do something and fast but what could I…’ Thinking of something he summoning the Gold rpm morpher.

“RPM, GET IN GEAR” Morphing SequenceTalon, pressing the red button on the morpher, fly’s through holograms which attaches different parts of the suit the symbol appearing on the chest and straps that look like seatbelts attaches from the front to back. Then the helmet fly’s on to his headEnd Morphing Sequence “Gold Rpm Ranger!” cried out Talon. His suit now is gold and black, gold belt with a gauge like symbol, gold forearms ending in silver and red cuffs connecting to small fins, gold straps from the back connecting to the same symbol from the belt on the chest and the helmet has an x shaped visor outlined in white with turbines at the side. small crest at the top.Talon hoping that using his new wings will slow him down so he wont be hurt by the impact. ‘Sure hope I don’t break anything’.

————————————————————————————————————–Back to ground level-Team Natsu, they dashed through the door of the guild, making the doors slam.”EVERYONE NEEDS TO EVACUATE THE GUILD NOW!” Erza shouted.”What seems to be the problem, Erza?” A short old man with an orange hoodie, blue/orange jester hat on his head walked up to Erza, wondering what’s up. This was Master Makarov.”An unknown object is about to crash in to the guild Master!” Erza said replied.With that Master Makarov orders everyone out with that they rush out the building.

When outside, they saw a figure in the sky as it was approaching but before it can hit the guild it flipped the air and landed in a superhero landing before standing. Now they got a good look of the figure that was a male was wearing a suit that is gold and black, gold belt with a gauge like symbol, gold forearms ending in silver and red cuffs connecting to small fins, gold straps from the back connecting to the same symbol from the belt on the chest and the helmet has an x shaped visor outlined in white with turbines at the side with a small crest at the top. Gold Rpm Ranger looked around and noticed he was in front of a large group of people and did the only thing that came to mind.”Um… hey there strange people? Do any of you know where I happen to be?” He questioned them.Erza walked up to him, pointing a sword at his throat. “Who are you?” she questioned now most people with a sword pointed at them, but he remained calm knowing his suit cant get cut so he replied cheerfully.

“Well, right now I’m Rpm Gold Ranger and I’m a Power ranger. what’s up?” Yellow dino thunder said giving a cheeky salute.”‘Power ranger’?” Erza asked not having any information on this.

“A Power Ranger is a person regardless of species, who protects the innocent at the risk of his/her own life, using weapons and vehicles specialised for them. Proof of bring a ranger is a morpher a device activated by different voice commands.” answered Talon and showing him the morpher on his belt.

She nodded now putting her sword knowing he wont hurt them “Though I do have some questions of my own if you don’t mind answering them?” Gold rpm asked.”Very well ask.” Erza said “Well..by any chance is this planet Earth?” Gold Ranger questioned.Slightly confused about what he meant just answered with what she knew “No this is Magnolia.”Now it was his time to be confused cause nobody could see his face, he tilted his head to the right, making him look slightly adorable in the girl’s eyes.

..if it was possible.

“Magnolia? Never heard of it. Is this some town on earth not discovered yet?” confusion laced his voiceLucy decided to join in the talking. “What about Kingdom of Fiore?” Ranger shook his head.”What about the continent of Ishgar?” Talon just shrugged his shoulders.Lucy and Erza thought to themselves then glanced at each other then back to the Talon.”I’m not even sure you came from another planet because you got launched out of a strange portal a few minutes ago.” Lucy explained.

“Whelp that’s just I get chucked into an alternate earth instead of somewhere closer to home….” Talon said to himself.”Pardon?” the blonde asked.Refocussing his attention to them. “Don’t worry about it…

so any other questions you wanted to ask?””Yes like where you came from for a start.” Erza said taking a step towards him,Talon thought to himself for a moment. ‘can I even trust them? I mean this building I almost destroyed seems pretty big to them but aren’t attacking… seems like I don’t have much choice anyway'”Well my I do come from a different planet because you saw me coming out a slip-space portal.” Rpm gold said point up to where the portal was.The group thought what he said and it was making sense.”So what is the name of your world anyway?” Lucy asked.”Earth,,.

yeah I know dumb name, might as well called it dirt planet dirt. From what I can see we are much more advanced than this world as we have buildings that reach a thousand feet or so, into the sky, plus we already archived space flight.” Gold rpm explained but not too much.This defiantly shocked the group. They thought their world was advanced but now they were proven wrong the very idea of space travel was outlandish to them, but he proved them wrong.

It was now, Erza remembered what he said at the beginning and thought now to ask.”At the start you said ‘right now’ at first what do you mean by that?” She asked figuring it was unusual.’Bound to happen sooner or later..this redhead is pretty observational’ Complementing Erza’s listening skills. He crossed his arms and said. “Power Down”.

And with that he de-morphed, shocking them as they thought he was older but no he was the same age as them black hair but what attracted their attention was torn between his silver eyes that looked like pieces of the moon or a strange device around his wrist that looked like a slot for something “My real name is Talon Eclipse, nice to meet you.” Talon introduced himself.————————————————————————————————————–5 Minutes later-The group joined the others in the guild and he told them his story after being asked by Master Makarov.He started by telling them of the idea of the multiverse theory, using one he was told by Zordon, thankfully the concept proved to be enough for most of the mages, like Lucy as her celestial spirits were from another world, and Makarov was simply intelligent enough to understand and not too crazy as some believe.Then he told them that he came from one of the alternate universes, suffice to say every jaw hit the floor but to Team Natsu it defiantly made sense to them as he never heard of Earthland, Firoe but then again why would he if he was from another world?Talon next told them how back in his universe, magic didn’t even exist or was not the same as here. He also told them about that his world is so advanced was because of science and technology being made.He talked about his powers and about the history of Power rangers but keeping the zords and megazords a secret for a need to know basis.

From their reactions, they were astonished that small teams stopped such big threats.Talon finished off by saying how he came to be here, from the forever knights to going to orbit to chuck the trans-light drive and how he stopped himself from crashing into their building.Everyone was silent. Needless to say they were dumbstruck, by all the bombs that had been dropped, it was the equivalent of a nuke going off, that they didn’t know what to say till Cana spoke:”Well dam he wasn’t joking.

“For the duration of the ranger’s story Makarov had been listening intently from his position on top of the bar in front of the group.”Tell us Talon.” spoke Makarov. “Your powers is not magic so, how do you use those suits and powers of the dino thunder rangers then?”Talon simply lifted the sleeve of his white leather jacket showing everyone a strange device around his wrist that had what looked like a slot for something. The wizards were confused on how a gem could do these things.”This is called the power morpher.” Talon elaborated.

“This is how I do the thing’s I do. With it I can turn into rangers from different teams readily available. So I can see why you might have thought it was magic.”Erza nodded getting what he was saying.

‘So each form has a different symbol to represent the team.’A petite young woman spoke up. She had kinda wild lavender hair held up by an orange bandanna, a short blue vest that shone her midriff. Along with white shorts with a brown belt, this is Levy Mcgarden.

“Just how many, forms do you have?” Levy showing curiosity.Talon looked at her and replied “It has about 123 give or take a couple ready to use.” His reply left them shocked they were practically wordless, that was far more than the average take-over or requip wizard they had seen. Erza herself was shocked as she had a lot of requips, yes but that beat her by a long shot.

“‘Ready to use'” Levy noticed and inquired. “What do you mean by that? Are you saying you can gain access to more forms.””Yep its not fully unlocked but once unlocked there is 200 and some have different upgraded forms above them.

” he answered like it was nothing. Again they were speechless. Then a man stepped up to speak.

He had brown fluffy pompadour style hair. He looked around mid thirties to early forties. He wore a green shirt with a dark green pattern and brown pants down to just below his knee.

This man is Wakaba Mine.”So exactly, how long have you had this morpher of yours for?” Wakaba asked.Talons eyes flashed to the gem then to Wakaba answering.

“Well I’ve had it for some time now, but I did start using it after Zordon gave me to it when I was eleven.” he answered like it was something little.”WHAT!!!??” Everyone shared this response. But not Makarov he because had an idea and was proven right.

Talon jumped a bit, somewhat surprised about this, but totally understood where they are coming from with his powers and strengths of previous rangers the power’s were insanely like different powers of Tommy Oliver the arguably best power ranger. And someone gave those powers to a kid was absurd to think of.”Yep,” Talon started to explain,” and since then stopped old ranger threats rising, invasions, giant monsters to saving people from burning buildings or whatever was needed to be stopped.””So what can these suits do? Gray asked wanting to know.

“Cause I can tell they aren’t just colourful suits.”Talon’s face turned to that of concentration he knew he a rainbow of powers…pun fully intended, but he lost count having so many forms will do that.”Oh boy um.

..” Talon counted off his powers, “Super strength, super speed, flight, phasing, elemental powers and more I just cant remember them all, there is a lot of them.” furthering them to silence..again he was doing this a lot. Natsu being the crazy fire hazard shouted to him, “Talon you vs me lets do this!”Talon looked at Natsu with are ‘what are you on about’ look.

Everyone else either groaned or face palmed, did he or did he not hear about what Talon was saying.”Why would I do that?” Talon asked wondering if Natsu had selective hearing or a short attention span.”To see who is the strongest! Why else!?” Natsu clenched his fist determined to fight.The Ranger was thinking why would he fight if he didn’t have to? And from the looks the wizards had behind Natsu shown to just get it over with.”He’s gonna keep going till I do fight him?” Talon asked in a deadpanned tone pointing to the dragon slayer.The wizards shook their heads, confirming this.

Talon did not want to fight but if he got it over and done with the better it will be.The Rainbow Ranger tuned to the fire mage with a serious look in his eyes.”Fine I’ll give you a fight but only on three conditions.

.”The look on Natsu’s face clearly said he couldn’t care as long as he got a fight he was down with whatever.”1.

we take it outside I don’t want to wreck your guildhall. 2 if anyone gets injured badly we call it off and last one does not matter who wins or losses I will not fight you again got it?” Sure the last condition put a slight disappointed look on Natsu’s face but realised that either way this was going the great.Makarov turned to Talon, “You don’t have to fight you know….””I know that.

” Talon said turning to Natsu with a challenging look to him. “If he wants a fight I will oblige him and give him one.””YES YOU GOT IT!” Natsu shouted very eager to start.The wizards got excited themselves someone who can do things they couldn’t dream of Talon Eclipse was about to fight their own Fire dragon slayer.- At the back of Fairy tail-A few minutes everyone who was in fairy tail guildhall was outside. They made a ring around the area for a make shift arena but told to keep their distance as Talon tends to make things go boom.

“You can back out now you know wont have to face defeat.” Talon smirking in super mega force silver which is his base look in relation to his powers.He would be lying if he said he wasn’t excited as he has not been faced with a challenge in some time now so having a way to ‘freshen up’ as it were is a welcomed surprise.

“NO way! This is going to rock!” Natsu said shooting a small flame out his mouth. “I’M ALL FIRED UP!” Makarov now went between the two opponents and raised his hand up in the air.”You may begin in 3..2.

.1..GO!” Makarov ran to his place in the crowd not wanting to get caught in between the fight.Natsu charged Talon and pulled his back with it being on fire, slamming it in the Rangers way, but the he grabbed it pushing it away, and performed a low sweep knocking Natsu of his feet but before he could do anything Talon kicked him in the stomach pushing him back a few feet with a surprising amount of force behind it.Natsu got back up gasping a little bit, once up he dashed forward again both of his fists both lit up with fire.”Fire Dragon Wing Attack!”Swiping his arms forward and thrusted them forward to Talon.

Talon slid directly under from where Natsu lunged from, dodging pretty fast showing he has speed on his side. This slightly made the wizard mad.”Stop dodging Talon!” Natsu shouted annoyed expression on his face.The ranger got up with a confused look under his helmet. “Sorry for not letting you roast me and you do know this proves I can handle you without my powers!” He roasted (hehe get it..I’ll go now) making Natsu very mad surprisingly easy.”AGGGHHH! Fine cause your so confident how about this!!” Natsu replied in a mad tone.He took a long deep breath


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