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I agree that women are better parents than men.

Women are less aggressive compared to men, they are more caring by nature and mothers have an amazing connection to their children than fathers do because of an improved relationship between them and their children. Mothers can also help solve problems related to leadership, problem-solving and social skills. Firstly, women are cheerleaders by nature, they enjoy finding what motivates people. Women are also more accessible because they are open-minded.

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Psychologists say that women are used to being open, because of their motherly instinct and their need to provide for others. They find that it is their duty to help and care for those in need of it. Because of these positive factors their children then build stable relationships with their children, making them see their mother as a leader and a role model. Because the father is much stricter and serious, the child will find it easier to expose their feelings to their mother which then results to them becoming more open. Because of this relation, the mother and child will have a stronger connection.

Secondly, women attend to their children on impulse when an issue or a problem arises. Women start to think faster and look for the best solution to a problem. They find different ways of solve problems that occur when taking care of children. This then mechanically transpires into the real world such as their business or workplace. It, fortunately, becomes an advantage towards their relationship. Men think to critically and tend to look for more complicated solutions which will cause some conflict for a simple issue. Women also score higher than men on nearly all emotional intelligence capabilities, which will then count as a factor.

This according to new research done by the Hay Group division of Korn Ferry. Thirdly, females have always seemed to have a flair in conversations and through history it is thought to be part of the characteristic of women over males, where males are more mobile, active and deeper thinkers. Most men have found it hard to communicate anything that has any contact to their emotions. Which will then be harder for their children to express their raw emotions before their father as he might not necessarily know how to comfort them where as a mother is more experienced with the situations. In addition, mothers are generally more patient than fathers.

This allows their children to bond with their mother, making it easier to learn. Women are also caring by nature and their children will then find it easier to grow under their care.Lastly, mothers, by instinct, put their children first. They sacrifice for their children compared to fathers.

A child is then regarded as daily routine because special care and attention is needed every day.In conclusion, fathers and mothers are definitely able to give care to their children but fathers will still be outweighed by mothers in relations to nurturing a child due to all these factors.


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