Home. of identity. The interior of our

Home. What do we feel when we pronounce this word? Is this joy and happiness or sadness and melancholy? What comes first in our memory when we mention this word? It is a place where somebody takes care of you, where you feel warmth and safety.

It is a small world of each family. I love my home. It is a place, where I wake up and feel the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes or hot sandwiches. This is the place where I return after a long working day and can relax talking with my family.

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When you come into our house you can feel cozy and friendliness. Our house is very comfortable – it has eleven rooms and two large yards: front and closed. Also, we have a large garage where my dad leaves his cars. My mother always plants flowers in our beautiful garden. Home determines the sense of identity. The interior of our house is made in pastel colors. Furniture is very soft and comfortable.

We have a very interesting ceiling at home! In each room it is different: from colors to fanciful figures which are made of plasterboard. Each room has its own “mood.” For example, kitchen and living room are very spacious, bright and cozy for guests. The computer room is designed in a classical style, so that nothing can distract from work. I like the room of my parents.

It is made in blue and black tones, it has an original furniture and a lot of designer things.Now I want to describe my room. It is completely green. No jokes. Wallpaper, curtains, ceiling, chandelier, blankets – all are green! Maybe my parents decided to calm my sister and me this way, because in the past we have often quarreled. Our home is my sanctuary and castle.

It is a place where my family is. It is a place where my heart is.


I'm Ella

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