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Hampton beach is located in Hampton NH. Hampton beach is as you can tell is a beach and beaches are the easiest part of land to erode and weather. Hampton beach is one of the only beaches in New Hampshire. Hampton beach was formed by the Atlantic Ocean. Also beach climate can have a big impact on the people that live close to them by having big nor’easters and regular wind that are going up to 17 miles per hour also tourists. How does Mechanical Weathering,Deposition, and Climate affect Hampton beach.

The weathering at Hampton beach affects the beach by humans walking on the beach, taking the sand of the beach and digging into the sand and leaving holes without covering them. Deposition can also happen at Hampton beach. During the rough winters sand get placed in the calm spots under the big waves, but in the summer the low waves pick up that sand and move it onto the shore making the shoreline less rigid.

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Climate affects Hampton Beach with very harsh storms and cold winter weather and in the summer tourists.How does Erosion affect Hampton Beach. Did you know that currently 5% of Hampton Beach is eroding. Scientific American states that “the U.S.

Environmental Protection Agency estimates that between 80 and 90 percent of the sandy beaches along America’s coastlines have been eroding for decades. In many of these cases, individual beaches may be losing only a few inches per year, but in some cases the problem is much worse. The outer coast of Louisiana, which Leatherman refers to as “the ‘erosion hot spot’ of the U.S.,” is losing some 50 feet of beach every year.” Also erosion is big because every second the beach gets hit with waves and the sand on the beach gets taken into the ocean and then pushes back the shoreline.How does the climate of Hampton Beach affect the people that live there.

The climate of Hampton Beach in the winter is ice wind which doesn’t affect the people positively by icing over there house or creating ice wedging on the roads leading to the beach creating frost heaves. In the summer the climate affects the people that live very well because there are not very high winds and warm waters. In the spring there are a higher chances to have rough nor’easters.

That will create land erosion and for people that live on the beach that means the foundation of the house becoming weak and sometime breaking down. Also the warm climate in the summer at Hampton Beach attracts tourists so the people that live there have bad traffic on roads because of all the people from other states coming to this one spot. Also in the summer the tourists leave trash and dig holes and leave them there creating human erosion and bad environment for animals. In conclusion hampton beach has been eroding for millions and millions of years. Also people that live on hampton beach have adapted to the summer tourists and lifestyles of living on the beach. Weathering, deposition and climate are all big factors of hampton beaches formation.

For every yard of sand is one medium sized rock.


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