Gum covers a wide area as it is

Gum Arabic (GA) is dried exudates obtained from the stems and branches of Acacia Senegal or Acacia Seyal which are cultivated in the Sudan as a cash crop in agro forestry systems (Abdul-Hadi et al., 2010).

In Sudan, gum Arabic production covers a wide area as it is considered as a principal national product.Gum Arabic contain more than 80% fiber due to its low viscosity and its high solubility in water, it is easy to complement food stuff like beverages, dairy products, snack-bars, biscuits, confectionery and meat products with high amounts (up to 50%) of gum Arabic, it is tasteless and odorless therefore giving no off-flavor (McLean-Ross, etal, 1983).GA demonstrate a prebiotic effect in human in a dose dependent manner, this effect is indicated by the increase in the numbers of the Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli (Calame et al.,2008). Gum Arabic is indigestible to both humans and animals. It is not degraded in the small intestine, but fermented in the large intestine by microorganisms to short-chain fatty acids, particularly propionic acid Gum Arabic is rich in dietary fiber that is derived from dried exudates of A.

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senegal. It contains a high molecular weight (lipoprotein) heterogeneous gum polysaccharides (Abd-Razig et al., 2010).The chemical composition of GA is complex and consists of a group of macromolecules characterized by a high proportion of carbohydrates ( 97%), which are predominantly composed of D-galactose and L-arabinose units and a low proportion of protein (


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