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Good day Professor and Classmates, The Branch Davidian cult was held by David Koresh in 1987. David Koresh was very familiar with the Bible who claimed to be one of the prophets and made many believe that he speaks to God.

Koresh would prophesize on supposedly acknowledging that the end of the world was soon, and that Christ is coming for the second time. The confrontation at Waco, Texas occur after he gathered 100’s of people to a complex to follow his preaching’s. This community followed Koresh believe system so seriously that they had over 200 weapons and defended themselves against the federal authorities.

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During the search of the complex by the Federal authorities because they wanted to arrest Koresh the Branch Davidians started to open fire against the Federal authorities. There was a standoff for about 51 day with the FBI against the community who refused to leave the community. Koresh did not want to surrender and by 1993 FBI began to throw tear gas and a fire erupted which burnt down the building complex. Many was found dead along with Koresh which ended the war. Thank you all for reading. Elizabeth H.


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