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Geqi Ye
PR Writing – Opinion pieces For a long time, the cosmetic industry has consumed a lot of raw materials and energy while creating beauty, which has brought a heavy burden to the environment for human survival. In particular, the cosmetic industry makes extensive use of plastic products, causing serious pollution to the ocean, the most important ecosystem of the earth. Every year, a large amount of plastic waste flows into the ocean. Recent research has shown that at least 40 million pounds of plastic waste accumulates in the North Pacific. And, between 57,000 and 135,000 whales are entangled in marine plastic waste, and the number of birds, sea turtles, fish and other species affected by marine plastic debris can reach tens of millions. We are so shame to see that happens.
As a natural cosmetic brand, Original explores sources around the world and selects natural plants to make our products. We have responsibility to that important issue of environment. Our brand adheres to environmentally friendly production processes, protect and care for the earth. Environmental protection is an indispensable part of the enterprise development process.

So now, Original.CO announces its support for environment friendly actions. All outer packaging will make of environmentally friendly cardboard, and the raw materials used for papermaking do not cut down a tree. Most of the natural flower and plant fiber from the production of organic skin care products, the material consumption is less, only about 1/3 of the traditional packaging method. Packaging materials can decomposed in nature, and will not pollute the environment. Not only meet the environmental protection concept of recycling, but also symbolize the origin of nature, to the nature.Editing Rubric for Writing Assignments
Exceptional Good; meets course standards Unsatisfactory; requires substantial improvement Does not meet minimum course requirements
Mechanics Grammar (e.g. tense consistency, punctuation, usage, spelling) Style (e.g. jargon, clichés, hyperbole) Structure and organization Clarity, precision, brevity Tone/Voice consistency Comments:
PR Writing Basics Clear intended public(s) Clear objective (what you want the reader to think/do/feel) Clear main message(s), core news Reader focused: demonstrates understanding of reader interests and concerns Reflects organization/brand values, identity and personality Comments:
Effectiveness/Persuasiveness Points well made and backed up with evidence, benefits, reasons to believe Engaging: leads reader in and keeps reader interested Respectful, sincere, direct Original, creative, novel Creates connection between organization/brand and reader Comments:
Form Demonstrates understanding of assigned writing form Tone and style appropriate to writing form Appropriate balance of logic and emotion Comments:
General Comments:

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