Genetically Modified

Genetically Modified (GM) crop is paramount and inevitable trend for the coming decades. Many argue that GM technology today is still considered as immature. Others said GM crops are the culprit that caused environmental problem and threaten human health while there are still insufficient long-term experiment and research that assure its safety on human consumption. Yes, this point has some merit on the surface. However, GM crops can ensure a higher number of quality crops as they had stress tolerance to extreme climates. There is no doubt that GM crops is the panacea to resolve world hunger problem and food crisis due to an exponentially increasing world population, shrinking arable land, diminishing freshwater for irrigation and extremely climate changes. GM crops might be way to ensure that worldwide food production keeps pace with the growing population because they have longer shelf life and shorter mature period without the use of excessive nutrient and pesticides. In fact, Malaysia has approved certain GM soybeans and corn for human consumption and it solved the market shortage problem. Thus, GM crops should be continuously encouraged.