France, is located in Western Europe. Gallia,

France, the third-largest European country is a very independent nation at the center of a large overseas administration and is located in Western Europe. Gallia, the Celtic territory in the ancient times, originally started out having France as a part of their territory. The term Gallia is established from the Latin Francia which means “country of the Franks.

” The “country of the Franks” were Germanic people who in during the 5th century, conquered the area. It wasn’t until the fall of the Western Empire when they had conquered this area of land.It wasn’t until the 9th century when France became its own country. By the 17th century, they had already played a major role in European and world events and quickly after in the 20th century, France experienced several crises. The first major crisis was the devastation of two world wars which led to political and social upheavals and losing a large empire in Indochina, Algeria, and Equatorial and West Africa. Even after all of the struggles they have been faced with and the ruins from World War II, they have accomplished being a very important world supplier of agricultural and industrial products and also a major partner in the European Community.

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