France is a weak democratic country because it does not give equal rights

France is a weak democratic country because it does not give equal rights, the rule of law is not followed, and there isn’t absolute press freedom. First of all, France does not treat its civilians equally which is an example of violating their legal rights. On May 28,2018 a student leader became the most recent victim of France’s controversy with the head scarf. This woman was discriminated based on her clothing and was also labelled as “the opposite of feminism” by a prominent socialist in France (Rokhaya Diallo, p.1). Muslim women have again been criticized, denied their own intellect and obviated from engaging in public life. Secondly, the “State of Emergency Powers” in France is beginning to infringe the ‘rule of law’. The Emergency Powers was once the case of hundreds of people, but today it is relatively for one specific community. On May 7,2017, 35 year old mechanic, Halim Abdelmalek, was disenfranchised to vote as a suspect of terrorism. Halim, along with other suspects claim that the Emergency Powers have gone too far (Kim Sengupta, p.1). The now permanent state of emergency powers in France have lead to abusive and discriminatory laws that give agencies greater authority to conduct searches, close religious facilities and restrict movements of people as well. Finally, the restrictions and limitations placed on media organizations and journalists have made way for press freedom issues. The reporter ban placed by Emmanuel Macron (President of France) on May 19, 2017 was the first dispute he had with the media since taking power (The Local France). Media organizations were called and invitations were sent out by Macron’s team to only specific journalists who would be able to cover his first official trip to visit French troops in Africa. In a true democracy, the government does not have permit to discriminate people based on their religion or gender, they aren’t granted to avoid the rule of law which is a must in a democracy, and nor are they entitled to decide the functioning of media organizations, their coverage choices or their approach. In conclusion, it is accurate to say that France is a weak democratic country.