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Forrest Gump (1994), directed by Robert Zemeckis, is a best picture film. Forrest Gump fulfills all the qualifications of my best film analysis.

Forrest Gump definitely changes the way the viewer looks at things. The film shows a vivid backstory into Forrest’s life and all of his accomplishments and hardships. Forrest Gump shows that to live life you cannot give up on it no matter what challenges are faced. All the challenges he faces in live, whether it is his learning problems, his walking disability, or even war itself, Forrest pulls through with flying colors. Forrest’s mother tells him “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”.

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Viewers will look at life in a completely new light, like a box of chocolates, after seeing the film. Forrest Gump has multi-dimensional characters. Lieutenant Dan is the most dynamic character in the story. When Lieutenant Dan is introduced he is shown to be a tough, uncaring, and a cold leader in Forrest’s platoon. He shares that his father and his father’s fathers before him had all served and died in American wars and that he was destined to join them. Unlike Forrest, he did not life live to the fullest and was ready to die.

After Vietnam, Lieutenant Dan is upset that he did not die like he felt he should and buys prostitutes and drinks his life away. And after Lieutenant Dan gets married and is shown at Forrest’s wedding, he is forever thankful for Forrest and is soft, caring, and loving. Forrest Gump definitely uses humor well. Although its humor is sparse and not flashy, when it is used it is very effective and memorable. For example, when Forrest goes to Jenny’s dorm in college and Jenny realizes that Forrest has never been with a women before and has him touch her breast, Forrest reacts exactly how a child…


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