Foreseeable captaincy, include, the completion of the senior

Foreseeable school improvements available during 2019, under my captaincy, include, the completion of the senior study area, renovations in the rooms above the canteen, a bus shelter large enough to house 400+ students and finally, but not limited to, the reassessment of the quadrangle’s appearanceMany close friends, and even teachers know me to be passionate with anything that I do. From this passion, I strive to influence those around me to think about the people of society, especially within this school who are younger and will follow our footsteps, and decide to sacrifice our time and effort so that they can be able to fulfill the dreams that they have for the future.Since year seven this passion has been focused on achieving the position of school captain, as in 2013 I had just concluded the role of school captain at Merewether Heights Primary School and enjoyed the responsibility, but also the influence I had on younger students.Since then, I have been in over 6 school representative sporting teams, annually, including Hockey, AFL and even lawn bowls. I have been the head coach for the under 15’s boys’ water polo school team in 2017 and head coach and referee, for the open girls’ school hockey team this year.

I am currently part of the Kotara high Environmental “Green team” and the senior school team for team debating, which I enjoy because it allows me to have an input into what others who share similar beliefs think about. I have always had an interest with the environment, and plan to have new and environmentally friendly ideas brought into this school. As of last year, I was part of the school’s representative council, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and have tried to come this year to every meeting I can with new ideas to improve the school’s overall reputation for being a great school. My extra curriculum activities include, being a voluntary patrol member at the Cook’s Hill surf club, being part of the 1st Merewether scouting movement, where I was patrol leader for over 2 years, club hockey, water polo and floorball and finally my part time job at Guzman Y Gomez.

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