First income and religions. This noodles can

First type segmentation of Maggi is demographic.

It can be divides by age, gender, occupation, marital status, family life-stage, family size or number of dependants, income and religions. This noodles can be eat by those categories above because it is Halal and it is easy to cook within two minutes. Women and men who are working also can cook this noodles when they are tired or did not have much times to cook when they back from workplace. The price of this noodles also quite cheap and it can be find anywhere at other places. Second types of segmentation in Maggi is geographic. This Maggi’s noodles of Nestle segmented their market in every country in the world. It is to fulfill the customers needs, wants and demands to eat this Maggi’s noodles.

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It is also depends on the numbers of peoples and region in a country. If the number of peoples in the country are more than 100,000, this noodles can be market in that country. For example, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, China and other countries.3.2 Strategies for selecting targeting markets This Maggi’s noodles are associated with convenience and taste that is accepted as a valid snack between meals. The Maggi’s targeted are the kids, youth and working persons.

Children and teenagers are the large number of customers that demands for this noodles, so they can sales their product easily to every country. Their focus of Maggi’s company is to develop food product for peoples that have busy lifestyle and they can have their meals everyday when they are busy. In every promotions, Maggi’s instant noodles are the more often that not utilize their product. They try to involve every stage of ages to have this noodles. They also utilize their product to health and wellbeing such as the mother can utilize the Maggi’s noodles for their child. This noodles company has effectively situated their product the brain of the customers as a “Healthy and Fast Food, Good to Eat”. So, Maggi’s company positioning their product very well.


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