Filipinos are from a great country called Philippines

Filipinos are from a great country called Philippines(PI). Many Filipinos have very nice traits. They have a tan skin color with rich black hair and very bright brown eyes which many foreigners envy. The characters of Filipinos are also wonderful. They are talented, cheerful, loving, and also hard working. I am one of them. I am what they call pinay. A pinay is what they call a Filipino girl. I lived in a small part of the PI and it’s called Cagayan Sanchez Mira. Where I lived we owned two rice fields. Besides my grandpa’s job, these two fields is what provided money for our household. In our household there was a total of 12 people. It was not a lot of money but it was something. Living in the Philippines is very hard because there are not many job opportunities. Luckily, at the age of 6, my father petitioned my mom, sister and I to come to America. Here in America, we are very fortunate to have different job opportunities and excellent education. While attending LRSC, my life experience will motivate me to always strive for greatness. Being motivated will also impact other students that are around me