few under the supervision of the vehicle service

few authorizations identified with air transportation in malaysia are the common avionics act 1969 caa 1969 a save sanctioning made under the 2016 common flying principles auto 20162 and the maca demonstration 2015 maca successful walk 1 2016.

parties the common flight specialist of malaysia act 2017 caama was gazetted on 27 february 2017 however this time can not be controlled amid the aggregation season. with the rule of the malaysian flying commission mavcom the same aeronautical zone is currently under the area with mavcom and the bureau of common avionics dca under the supervision of the vehicle service flight division4 the past service is in charge of all legitimate flying undertakings in malaysia and the dca is worked to encourage accomplish and control the ministrys articles and systems. the motivation behind this part is to assemble a proficient protected and secure air transport system for voyagers and load and plan and actualize framework endeavors to take care of the demand for air transport

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