Fahrenheit 451 is a book about a town that isn’t aloud to have books

Fahrenheit 451 is a book about a town that isn’t aloud to have books. Guy Montag (a firefighter) finds out they have book he will burn the books and destroy their house. Guy Montag use to battle fires but after all the houses where made fire proof there is no reason for him to fight fires anymore. Guy get a close relationship with the neighbor girl, Clarisse McClellan. He has a “middle age crisis” and realizes that he didn’t know his wife very well and is unhappy with their marriage, all because his wife Millie had a drug overdose. His wife Millie has a lot of weird hobbies and doesn’t live in reality. Guy Montag wonders what’s so bad about books so he sets out to steal a collection of books he had orders to burn. When he arrives to burn the books and destroy the house the old lady starts her house on fires and burns herself with it. This makes Montag realize that books may with hold the key to a happy life if this woman was willing to give her life with the book. Guy later learns that his best friend Clarisse died from a speeding car. This makes him feel sick to his stomach. He then proceeds to take the book home that he stole from the old lady’s collection and puts it under his pillow as (if he was trying to study for a test like many students now days do). He calls in sick to work. Then his wife finds all his books, his wife finds out hey have 24 hours to destroy the books from his boss. Guy tries to hide his books in the back yard but to his surprise when he gets home his house is a blaze (his wife told on him). Guy threatens his boss Captain Beatty and 2 men with a flamethrower. WHEN THE BOSS IS YELLING AT, HIM HE FLIPS THE SWICH AND KILLS THE BOSS. As a result, to these rambunctious crimes the Mechanical Hound goes after Guy. The hound gets him in the leg with a needle, but Guy manages to disable the hound by burning it with the flamethrower. Faber (a professor) provides a hiding spot for Montag. Faber tell him to float down stream to the train tracks where he can find some bad guys to help him. They help him change is identity. The news press releases an article saying they caught Montag, but they had just killed an innocent man. Montag lives and starts to write his life so that one day when safe to do so he can print his books. Then atomic bombs destroy the city in which they lived. They plan on creating a new society where books are legal.
Main Character
The main character in the book is Guy Montag a 30-year-old firefighter. According to the book “black hair, black brows…fiery face, and…blue-steel shaved but unshaved look” end quote. In the begin he seems to be a rule follower never to commit a crime. By the end of the book he changes to someone who doesn’t like his wife and kills the fire chief. The main relationship Guy Montag has is his wife which he feels he feels is not working. His wife Millie Montag has a drug overdose in the book which makes him have a self-examination type thing and he realizes he is not as in love with as he used to be.
Guy change dramatically throughout the story. He started the story enforcing the laws of the society he lived in. he was the on if people had books hew would burn their books and their house. Times changes during the book as he realized book makes people happy, so he changed and started to collect books. This lead to another change when his house was the one burning he felt anger, so when he got into a verbal fight with the fire chief he threatened him with a flamethrower, so now instead of enforcing rules he is breaking them. Then he burns the chief killing him and two others. Another way the main character changes is life style. I would say the biggest change is the love relationship he gets for books and writing them.
Disliked Character