Experiment it is very common and normal.The

Experiment Description:The experiment is based on the social norm of eating etiquettes. The group thought it was a good idea to breach the norm of eating with silverware. So for the experiment the group decided to go to restaurants and see how in our society, it is not normal to eat with our hands, besides the finger foods that are really popular here it isn’t common to eat rice, or meat with our hands. In other cultures it is very common and normal.The experiment our group conducted tested the social norm of eating with silverware.

We decided it would be a good idea to go to different types of restaurants that you would normally eat with silverware, and eat with our hands, hence breaching the social norm. We thought this experiment was good for breaching the social norm because it isn’t common to see people eating with their hands especially food that is “meant” for silverware. The experiment was conducted at three different locations each spaced out 2 days in between. Olive Garden, El Torito, and Panda Express. We dined in and two of us ate the food we bought while one of us recorded data. We rotated this process for the three times we conducted the experiment.Expected Outcome (hypothesis)By using our hands to eat instead of using silverware, we expect the people around us to react disgusted, make weird faces, and have offended reactions.

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We anticipated this outcome because in our culture/society it isn’t proper etiquette to eat with your hands, but since we are culturally diverse in this society some might think it’s normal and some might get very offended and disgusted. We also think the reactions will differ from the restaurant’s “quality”.Observations:Our first destination to test this experiment was Olive Garden. Our table was located in a populated area of the restaurant, which was convenient for us to execute our distasteful research. We ordered food such as lasagna and fettuccine alfredo. As we began to eat without silverware no one noticed what we were doing, but as time passed we started to observe some disgusted looks.

At one point a woman came up to our table and told us that we should have some manners and to stop eating with our hands. We knew there were going to be a variety of reactions, but did not expect someone to physically walk up to us. The next destination was an authentic mexican restaurant called El Torito. We ordered food such as rice, carne asada, and enchiladas. We got placed at the very corner of the restaurant and asked to move somewhere more in the middle.

The last place to test our social breaching assignment was Panda Express at the University Dining Plaza. This time our audience were students at CSULB.


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