Every technique or tool of how to make

Every day, there is a ton of problems happen in our environment.

The problem that we face every day comes with several alternatives that might be suitable for the goal or objectives of the problem. The problem might be from evaluation, the optimum quantity of some things, the best tools for daily usage and others. Decision making is a technique or tool of how to make a decision based on alternatives that we have to ease our burden and most importantly, to achieve the goals.Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) is one of the technique or method in decision making that are very popular nowadays. This technique is the most important sub-field in the Operational Research () It can solve a problem using a ranking method that involves some goals or criteria that we want to achieve and the alternatives that we have to solve the problem. MCDM also is divided into two groups which are Multi-Objective Decision Making (MODM) and Multi-Attribute Decision Making (MADM).

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However, this two terms which are MODM and MADM are usually used to be called the MCDM model (Trianthapyllou, 2000).MODM is a technique that suitable for the problem that has a continuous decision space. For example, the mathematical programming problem that involving the multi-objective functions such as programming problem to decide the total price of a service. The total price or the output has a continuous decision space and not a discrete alternatives or decision.

On other hands, MADM is the technique that suitable for the problem that has a discrete alternative or decision. For example, choosing a suitable supplier based on their efficiency, price, and performance from 3 different suppliers.


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