Even falls mid-way through the month). This date

Even though any member of the Accounts team can prepare a payment template and create a payment instruction, the actual payment can only be approved jointly by John Paul (JP) and Paul (PC).General Processing of PaymentsPayment runs are done approximately mid-month and a date is decided in advance by the Accounts team (usually done on the Wednesday that falls mid-way through the month). This date may be changed if staff are away etc. The Accounts team prepares the payment on Jyske Bank “Netbank” online banking and JP and PC then authorise all the payments individually so that they can be processed by the bank.

We have agreed terms with most suppliers to pay their invoices monthly but we are aware that some invoices have to be paid straight away and we allow for these by preparing one off payments during the month if they cannot wait until the next payment run. This is done only for urgent matters e.g.

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last minute travel related invoices, staff reimbursements, course fees etc. The urgency is decided by the Accounts team on a case by case basis and common sense prevails in deciding when they should be paid. Staff are therefore kindly asked to submit all authorised* invoices or travel expenditure promptly so that payments can be prepared efficiently. *Authorised invoices/expenditure means that staff members are responsible for getting authorisation from the relevant person (usually an e-mail or signature by JP or PC and also your Head of Division) before it is submitted to the accounts team for payment. Payments that are not authorised will not be processed by the Accounts team and will be sent back to the staff member and payment will therefore be delayed. Examples of types of payments and proceduresIn general, Tracy will make travel arrangements and obtain quotes from suppliers and Jenny will prepare and make payments to suppliers. If either is away, and it is urgent, another member of the Accounts team will cover (Tracy, Jenny or Jennie) so please state in your email if something is urgent.

It is also very important that all e-mails are sent to [email protected] so that they are seen if any member of the Accounts team is away.Travel – Flights and AccommodationStaff member e-mails [email protected]

gi with requirements. The Accounts team (Tracy) obtains quotes from travel agent/s and sends it to the staff member by e-mail. The staff member decides what they require and then forwards this e-mail with their choice to JP or PC for authorisation whilst also copying in [email protected] JP or PC would then authorise this by replying to this e-mail. The Accounts team (Tracy) can then proceed to make the booking and make payment (Jenny ). Staff Reimbursement of expensesThe Head of Division (HOD) checks that all is correct (receipts for every expense, expenses are reasonable and breakdown is correct) and signs.

The staff member passes it on to JP or PC for signing. The staff member passes it to the Accounts team (Jenny) for payment. These will usually be paid soon after they are submitted, but please state the urgency as the payment may sometimes be on hold for a few days if there are other payments pending in order to process them together. If it needs to be paid immediately, please inform the Accounts team so that this can be expedited.

HODs please note that Expenditure Reimbursement forms must be accompanied by individual original receipts. Bank statements are not acceptable as these cannot be used to verify whether expenditure is reasonable as they do not provide a breakdown of what was spent, in particular, a restaurant or shop. On the rare occasion that a receipt is lost or not available, JP or PC must be informed and they will decide whether these expenses are reimbursed. Courses/ New Subscriptions (magazines or websites)/ New Consultancies HOD makes the request by e-mail to JP or PC.

JP or PC authorise by reply e-mail and HOD forwards this authorisation together with any invoice, fees, to be paid etc. to [email protected] . The Accounts team (Jenny) would then process payment. Subscription renewals/Recurring pre agreed Consultancy FeesThe original subscription/consultancy contract would have already been authorised by JP or PC so there is no need to seek annual/monthly authorisation for the same thing unless the fee has increased considerably or there has been a change of terms since the previous payment. For these, the HOD would decide whether they want to renew for that year/term and then they would authorise and forward the invoice to the Accounts team (Jenny) for payment.

This can either be by e-mail if you receive the invoice by e-mail or a physical signature on the invoice if received by post.Business Cards/ Specific Stationery Items/Office Equipment (e.g Chairs, Cabinets, Desks etc.) HOD makes the request by e-mail to JP or PC. When e-mail authorisation is received, HOD should forward this e-mail to [email protected]

gi . The Accounts team (Tracy) can then order and prepare an LPO for the item/s. The Accounts team (Jenny) would then receive and pay the invoice when the items arrive.Routine office sundry expenses e.g. Water, Sugar, Milk, Coffee, Tissues, general stationery etc.

Staff at reception (usually Tracy) are authorised to order the above when stocks are low. Anything out of the ordinary needs to be authorised by JP or PC. These stocks are checked frequently by Tracy but, in any case, staff are kindly asked to inform her (or other staff at reception if Tracy is away) if they see that stock of a specific item is running low so they can reorder on time. This list is not exhaustive and there may be other items of expenditure that may not be listed above. In this case, please discuss with the Finance Manager so that the correct procedure can be agreed and included in this document.


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