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English 1100
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Social Media is Good or Harmful for Society
Bodong Wang

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Thompson Rivers University
July 15, 2018

Social Media is Good or Harmful for Society
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center6470650I remember my first social media account was my mother gave to me, which help me to make friends and have talked to people on the social media website. It has been 15 years. Today, there is 31.96 billion (Chaffey, 2018) and more social media users. In the USA, Social networking sites are a top news source for 27.8% of Americans (Kristin Marino, 2012). Why is the social media can be sweeping the world? For personal, we use social media used to keep in touch with far-off friends and family, just like ‘skype’; it also can sharing lots of interesting things in our life, like Facebook. You can be YouTube make the short video, and if the video is enjoyable or valuable, then people will watch it and subscribe you, those view times are going to be the money pay by the advertising company (by Vertical Sight). These are only the tip of the iceberg for social media.
Social media is changing our lives in a right way. In the economy, social media is undoubtedly to contribute to our economic system. Ten years ago, the largest company in the word was the manufacture or multinational retail corporation, such as the GE company; Walmart. But after ten-years the situation is changed, more and more types of social media corporation are going up. In this ten-years, these companies become to billions and billions market value company (Quora, 2017).

For the human, social media is significant, not second to “The Industrial revolution” dose. Right now, we are in an age of information. Social media make information boost, from the letter to the text. President Donald Trump said that social media was a tremendous platform that allowed him to bypass what he claimed was unfair media coverage and speak directly to voters. (Gove and Diekmann Jan. 16, 2017). For the environment, Today, we do not only care about the economic problem, but also the environment problem becomes an essential place in our mind. Social media is doing a great job to disseminate the environmentalism to people. For instance, Greenpeace targeted Shell Oil operations in the Arctic Circle, they used social media posting video on YouTube, to indirectly influence Shell partners. Applying highly visible, public pressure to call for specific environmental changes has increasingly become a tactic of the environmental movement (Dosemagen, 2016). At present we are feasting the value, that social media gave us, and it became inseparable from our life.

Social media made a rapid change in our life, more convenient and more comfortable, that brings us benefits, it also brings trouble to us. Social media is trash maker. Although it is the way to spread information, some are valuable, but mostly are useless. Email is the primary way of exchanging information with other. But these were 200 billion spam messages around the world in every day (2005). A survey estimated that Internet users would be lost more than $21.58 billion annually in the United States (Halliday, 2011). Social media can make fake news to endanger the country. 2016, in US presidential election, the Russian government spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and Twitter to spread the fake news, that intensify the existing political struggle (Elgan,2017). Social media causes people to focus on the cellphone, not in the real world. In 2018, A growing number of people become ‘phubber ‘ by social media. According to the study by USC Annenberg School, they found that people spend less face-to-face time with family rate rose from 8% to 32% in ten-years (USC, 2012). Social media may steal your private information. With the increased of the people join in social media, there is more personal information can found on the Internet. From the social media hacker is easy to get your information by using simple algorithms, such as you live, name, sexual, personality traits, even you do not put those data in your files (Giles, 2012). It is the age of social media, that many lies, trick, trash all around us, but we never give up against it. Nowadays people’s thinking was more, and more independently in social media, Facebook is using AI to deletes millions of fake accounts every day(Newton, 2018). Overall, social media is not perfect; we still need action to consummate it.

Social media did more good than harm to Society. With the benefits of social media, our life is becoming extremely simple and diverting. Social media allow their user to not only connect with the friend but also is useful for things such as interpersonal interaction and even getting famous on the internet with any talents that you mind have. Social media was genuine change our living law.

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