Elementary succeed financially in the future, and

Elementary school children should be taught a second language because it is easier for them to acquire a language at that age, it will help them succeed financially in the future, and it will help them get along with people from other cultures. Learning a second language in younger age will help the children to increase in cognitive growth and also, give them the skills to prepare them for college life. The kids are more easily and able to learn fast because their brain are still developing and it makes them acquire new language fast than adult. Also, the kids learn by mimicking the or parent.

extensively investigated.” only a few known studies have demonstrated that children are less likely than adults to treat L2 sounds as unambiguous instances of a single L1 sound category. For example, Bond and Adamescu (1979; see also Butcher, 1976) showed that native English-speaking four-year-olds were more accurate than adolescents (11–13 years old) and adults in perceiving a difference between English plosive consonants and Hausa implosive consonants unfamiliar to them (W.Baker et all 321).” Bloom argued that children are likely to lean words for things they find interesting or salient. In her words, “language learning is enhanced when the words a child hears bear upon and are pertinent to the objects of engagement, interest and feeling (Konishe et all 407).

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Kids lack the ability to give attention to objects and social character, but their ability to create attention within a dyad becomes more effective by the age of 18. Language is essential for children’s academic success. Children in preschool who first acquire their first language at home and later learn second language in school behaves well in their academic progress.It is unbelievable that one can travel the world and expect everyone met to understand its language. In other to travel the world for any reason a desire to adapt a new cultures and method is necessary, because it will be very difficult to communicate with ther people met.

However, the ability to communicate in multiple language is now becoming much important through out the globalization. “the need for cultural competency among 21st century graduates in other to compete in an international and globalized market, especially when competing with other countries (Ela 206).Studying a foreign language is more than a simple task, the study of language also means study of people and culture. Because language is a core part of culture.

“the realization that people from a foreign culture may do things differently than we do, they generally have good reason within their culture for doing so (Rowan). Culture is communication and communication is culture ” to understand the theme behind the individual and seemingly disparate communicative situation, it is necessary to examine the complicated meanings of culture, begin with brief look at the nature of human communication”. The relation ship between words and their referents are vary from one culture to the other (Yanfang 88).


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