EFFECT of the electorates in the election because

EFFECT ON THE 2019 ELECTIONThe major effect is that many of these corrupt leaders will still end up reelected into political positions by the hungry electorates who are ready to sell their votes for some petty gratification.Election malpractice will continue and as a result due process in the election will be hampered thereby resulting to inconclusive elections, elections petitions and even election violence by agitators who feel that they have been cheated.

Also there will be decrease participation of the electorates in the election because of the lost of trust in the government and the electoral body.Embezzlement of public funds for election funding by the unrepentant corrupt politicians will occur because they were not prosecuted accordingly. This will plunge the country into more economic woes.Finally corruption or political corruption as the case may be, perpetuated by politicians has devastating effect on national development, and all hands must be on deck to eradicate this menace.

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