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Each country is composed of the nascent habitants of it. However, with the passage of time this situation was evolving because the habitants of each country, began to feel the necessity to move to other countries for different reasons. Some of them were forced to move, others wanted to search new opportunities like: have better jobs and a better economic capacity or just to have new cultural experiences. This movement is known as immigration. This is a process which not all people react in the same way.

Some take longer, others less to adjust to their new lifestyle. However, the most important aspect is that at some point some of them manage to create their lives successfully or in some cases they need to return to their home country. There are many reasons why we immigrate. This process leads us to think that these actions will also affect the psychological aspect. In an oxford article it shows that many people that had immigrate commonly had develop stress or a psychological illness because of the drastic change. These immigrants could start showing signs of distress or depression which means that they need to look for help. Our book in many different readings tells us how these people felt in that process.

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It also mentions, that many of these immigrants felt anguish or have fear of the unknown. Who were mostly the ones who were forced to leave their homes. However, you could also find those who were ready and eager to leave.

Those were mostly the ones who wanted to look for a better lifestyle. This leads us to think who were the immigrants and why did they come? The immigrants as mention before are the people who leave their country to go and live somewhere else. Some of them with justify reasons others just for a change. In addition, an immigrant can also be known as a person or a family that are looking for help in other countries.

In most of the cases, these people they don’t want to hurt anybody they just want peace. But the most important question is why did they come? What makes them leave their home country? Most of these immigrants are obligated to leave. Nevertheless, they are others immigrants who are suffering from poverty, their rent and taxes were increasing, they wanted to forget bad memories or in the worst cases they were being mistreated and tortured by others. Therefore, this people didn’t have any option than just run away to a safer and calmer country. They only want to achieve a better lifestyle.

For that reason, we need verify our laws. Since 1882 onwards, they started to prohibit the entrance of certain people. Like the Chinese who wanted to work, people who were really sick or had any mental illness, people who were alcoholics. Also, there was an immigration law that separate the families. For this reason, immigrations laws need to be reconsidered.

However, now days these laws are better and we can see the diversity in most of the countries we go. In addition, as the book mention, most of these immigrants were running away. They wanted to be free and leave all of the struggles behind. But not all of this immigrants had the same luck. For example, the immigrants that came from China they were prohibited to be laborers and needed to go through a physical and interrogation test in order to be allowed to move to the other country. This Chinese immigrants were treated like animals. They were mistreated, tortured, and sometimes attached to fetters.

All of this thanks to the 1882 immigration law that stated this process. It was specifically for that reason that the laborers wanted to immigrate to another country. They wanted to work in peace without being mistreated every time. As we have been able to observe, there is not a single reason why people should move.

There are different reasons that drive to this decision. We must continue working with these laws that govern immigration. Thinking about every situation the human being can go through. For that reason, is that the laws especially the immigration one are constantly changing. With that said, it is important that we are keep those immigration doors open.

To receive those people who need help or just want a change in their lives. In addition, it is important that every person is treated with respect no matter where they are. Also, that when it arrives to a new country there are treated equally.


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