Durkheim people interpret their own behavior or

Durkheim was the most influential scholar in the academic and theoretical development of sociology.He laid down some of the fundamental principles, methods, concepts and theories of sociologyHe defined sociology as the study of social facts.According to him, there are social facts, which are distinct from biological and psychological facts.By social facts, he meant the patterns of behavior that characterize a social group in a given society.They should be studied objectively.Regarded as the first sociologist to apply statistical methods to the study of social phenomenaAccording to him, sociology is the scientific study of human social action.Social action refers to any “action oriented to influence or influenced by another person or persons.It is concerned with the interpretive understanding of human social action and the meaning people attach to their own actions and behaviors and those of others.He argued that a sociologist must aim at subjective meanings, the ways in which people interpret their own behavior or the meanings people attach their own behavior


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