Discouraging individual experiences but close ones can offer

Discouraging thoughts that appear in a persons mind that make them feel unhappy in the conscious mind and being unconscious in these difficult times. The discouraging thoughts mentioned before contribute to appear in adolescence but it may happen early.

Uncooperative thoughts may feel realistic and distressing at the same time that an individual experiences but close ones can offer assistance. (Nathan, 2017) Client: “All my friends get along much better with their dads than I do. I feel like there is something really wrong with me”. (Nathan, 2017, pg. 1) Psychologist: “People feeling like they don’t get along as well as they want to with their father is a common concern. I don’t think there is anything wrong with you.

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(Nathan, 2011, pg. 1) Normalising can help individuals to place their worries in perspective. They feel like them the only that have issues, it is a disconnecting and disgraceful feeling. (Nathan, 2017)Raises self-esteem Levels up hope Decreases feeling of inadequacy Normalising can assist to close down the discoursing but persuasive thoughts that come in their heads. Offering normalising feedback assists to decrease these feelings and raises the speakers to gain the ability to handle their problems. These methods are highly strong but comparatively not difficult to use. Assisting others can expand the individual’s sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Big mental health issues should be addressed to a professional therapist. It is okay to offer support to their close ones and relatives. Offering support to families and close ones can reinforce relationship bonds, it expanses their sense of feeling secure, it helps the individuals to be in good mental health. (Nathan, 2017).


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