Determining Your Computer Hardware RequirementsIntroductionWhen purchasing a computer,

Determining Your Computer Hardware RequirementsIntroductionWhen purchasing a computer, the following considerations should be taken into account:the software you want to run on the computerthe kinds of external devices you want to connect to the computerfuture upgradeability21888454699000Let’s look at the first consideration – the software you want to run. As electrical/electronic engineering technologists/technicians, you may be working with a new version of AutoCAD. This piece of software will probably require the most from your computer so let’s take a look at the system requirements to run this software.

From the Autodesk web site:Most software lists two sets of requirements – minimum and recommended. Minimum system requirements are just that – the minimum hardware required to run the software. Recommended system requirements list the amount and/or type of hardware to efficiently run the program without it running into problems (like running too slow). Your computer should meet all the recommended system requirements for all the software you want to run.Other computer system requirements will depend on what you want to do…connecting to the Internet or a local area network will require networking capabilitiesconnecting a printer or digital camera will require an external connector of some sort (usually an USB port)connecting a second monitor will require some sort of external video connector…and so on.

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One last consideration for a computer purchase is its upgradeability. Can you add more memory? Can you increase your hard drive space? Can you expand upon the capabilities of your system? (Example: If a new network technology comes out, can something be added to your computer to use this technology?) Generally, desktop computers are more upgradeable than laptops but laptops have something a desktop doesn’t – portability.Is your computer sufficient for your needs?ExercisePart 1: Determining the hardware specifications of your computer.-6356794500One way to determine exactly what hardware you have in your computer by using Performance Information and Tools utility that comes with Windows 7. However, Microsoft eliminated “Windows Experience Index” in Windows 8, since it did not reflect real world performance – i.

e., it was a meaningless number.There is also the MSINFO32 program (which also works with older Windows releases and included with Windows 10 as the System Information app.) It displays a comprehensive view of your hardware, system components, and software environment.On Windows 10, simply type msinfo into the Cortana search box and it will display the System Information app as the top result.On Windows 7, Click the Start button on the bottom left hand corner of your screen – this will open up the Start Menu.

567118566167000In the Search Programs and Files box at the bottom of the start menu – type msinfo32 and press enter. This will open the system information window. Note: You can also run this utility from the command line: start menu all programs accessories command promptIn the left panel – System Summary should be selected (if not, select it). Record the following information listed in the right panel…Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-8550U CPU @1.80 GHz, 1992 MHz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor (s)Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 8.00 GBIn the left panel, expand the Components menu item and click on Display.

Record the following information listed in the right panel…Adapter Description: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620Adapter RAM: 1.00 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes) In the left panel, expand the Storage menu item and click on Drives. Record the following information listed in the right panel for Drive C: …Size: 476.34 GB (511,464,960,000 bytes)Free Space: 411.

90 GB (442,278,039,552 bytes)Determine if your computer has the recommend system requirements to run AutoCAD 2017 … For each category, answer YES or NO, and EXPLAIN.Processor: is it good enough?YES, my processor is good enough because it is CORE i7 and has 2.50 GHz Processor which is most advanced AutoCAD 2017.

Memory: do you have enough? YES, my system has 8.00 GB memory in it, and the requirement of 64-bitAutoCAD is 4.00 GB Memory.Hard Drive Space: do you have enough? YES, my system has 476.

36 GB space which is more then the installation of AutoCAD 2017.AutoCAD 2017need only 6.00 GB.Video Hardware: is it good enough? YES, my system hardware is not matching with AutoCAD 2017 requirement. My system has Directx12 resolution and AutoCAD require directx9 resolution.

Part 2: External connectors and upgradeability.Use your lecture notes and the Internet to ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS…Does your computer have USB connectors? If so, how many?Yes, my laptop has 3 USB connectors.Does your computer have a network connector? If so, what type?Yes, my laptop has a network connector named as Ethernet LAN (RJ – 45), as well as HDMI.Part 3: Internet ResearchList another application – like a game or other piece of software – and look up its minimum and recommended requirements.



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